The Band

i dont know what it is about The Band, but it seems like they were trying to make their music boring.

Scathing rant there.

Why don’t you just let it all out.

sorry, im dry heaving.

Your post emulates them well, then.

Sorry, are you a friend of anyone in The Band?

No, but I took a load off fanny once.

File under “Bad Threads”.

Kids these days. No appreciation of the classics.

Euty, I love it when you talk dirty to me.

“take a load off” is a good song, but i was mostly refering to the 1st album; especially “across the great divide”

It’s called “The Weight,” man. Get it straight.

The Band! I love threads!

haha Ludovic!
I love The Band. Their live album Rock of Ages is damned good.

Okay, let’s get this pit thread going properly again.

HOW can you hate The Band? In an era of soulless, packaged shit-pop and brain-dead hip-hop, mixed with snotty pop Divas that warble like a cat that’s had its nuts cut off, you pick on The Band? What are you, not on drugs?

Celine Dion can kiss my white ass. Her heart may go on, but if I hear any more of her on the radio, I may kill myself.

Britney Spears – You’re cute, but your voice is filtered through more electronic devices than C-3PO. And your breasts seem change sizes more often than Roseanne on the Atkins diet.

Mariah Carey - Your spectacular melt-down was useful to show the world what they have to look forward to when Britney hits the ripe old age of 25 or so. At least she’ll probably give us a Playboy spread while she burns out. You’ve been totally useless. And that 28 million dollar buy-out you got? Every time you spend a nickel of that, I hope you remember that there are REAL musicians out there eating dog food because they can’t get a record contract.

N’Sync: May you burn like pigs in hell.

Various snot-nosed ‘rappers’ and their entourages: The only good thing about you wastes of space is that you occasionally shoot each other in rage at being forced to earn millions of dollars to run around on a stage and yell at people who shower you with money.

Eminem: Hey, Vanilla Ice called. He wants his 15 minutes of fame back. Unfortunately, you actually have some talent, which just encourages you. And you know what? I hope Moby turns out to be Bruce fucking Lee and kicks the living shit out of you one day, you greasy asshole.

Avril Levigne: Oh yeah, you’re a real tough kid. I’ve got news for you, sweetie. Street cred isn’t earned by going through traumas like missing the Boxing Day sale at the Gap. Get the sneer off your face, pull up your damned pants, and go back to school. So far, you look like a younger Alanis Morrisette, without the talent.

Not one of the ‘stars’ above is fit to catch the tobacco-juice spit from Levon Helm. Not one of them is capable of tuning Robbie Robertson’s guitar.

Recently they were showing the rerelease of The Last Waltz here. The cinema that was showing it had the decency to advertise This movie will be played LOUD and bless their hearts it was.

Wherein Sam achieves his life long ambition and becomes a curmudgeon.

For free?

Yeah but, pretty good rant, eh?

Besides, it’s all true. The Band was one of the most talented bands that ever played. Think about the songs they’ve made:

*The Weight
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Up on Cripple Creek
The Shape I’m In
Life is a Carnival
Tears of Rage

  • and the list goes on. And they were unique - their sound was a new, uniquely American rock. And, they were Bob Dylan’s band during his best years. They were prototypes of the new Alt-Country sound of bands like Wilco crossed with The Rolling Stones. They were hugely influential. And Scorcese’s The Last Waltz is the best rock documentary ever made.

You, Joe, must not have heard their live tapes.

And, I have an attraction to Celine Dion. I don’t know why.