The Banishment of the Trump

Back in 1905, Donald Trump’s grandfather was ordered out of Bavaria on the pretext of not performing military service and failing to inform them of his earlier emigration.
Effectually Royal tyranny spitefully deprived themselves of future Trumps forever. And ensured America would be made great again.

Guardian : Historian finds German decree banishing Trump’s grandfather

Which, coincidentally, is how I hear Mr. Donald J. Trump prefers to be addressed by his loyal followers.

I don’t know what this is, but it’s not about Elections.

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Damnit - he’s everywhere!

This story appears to put paid to Oliver’s silliness about his grandfather changing his name for immigration purposes. It sounds like “Drumpf” and “Trump” we’re both common variants in that region of Bavaria.

I read different news sources… Talk about SLANTING a story!

The “Trump loving” Fox News headline for this story is…

“Newly unearthed letter shows Trump grandfather fought to stay in Germany”!!!


(Why I rarely look at Fox News anymore except to see how they switched around a story like this.)

If family stories are to be believed, MY grandfather got caught canoodling with the boss’ daughter and got the hell out of the old country one step ahead of a shotgun wedding, so I tend not to hold the actions of someone’s grandfather against them.

If only Prince Luitpold had shown mercy and allowed Herr Trump to remain in Bavaria.