The bastard treats me like I'm stupid and don't know how to do my job!

I work for an insurance company and one of my responsibilities is to write up and notarize affidavits for our insured’s who have claim disputes with our company. I have to get a copy of the last policy declaration along with any endorsements for their policy and a policy booklet. The affidavit gets signed by my boss, notarized by me, sent to our claims department for review, and then sent to the appropriate claims adjuster or attorney’s office.

Well, the dates on the declaration (dec) may or may not cover the date the insured had their accident (loss). If the dates on the dec don’t cover the date of loss I have extra wording to put in the affidavit so they know that this was the last dec produced for the policy and the coverages remain the same for the time of their accident.

This asshole in claims looked over the affidavits I did on Monday and sent 4 of them back for changes. He didn’t do any research on them to see if there were changes made to their policy or to see if the policy had been canceled. He looked at the dates on the dec and the date of the accident and wanted me to change a bunch of shit that was already correct to begin with. I did my research and made sure I did everything right, which I did, and then took the affidavits to him to explain why there didn’t need to be any changes. He was very insistent that I was wrong and wouldn’t listen to a word I had to say… I’m just a secretary so I’m stupid I guess. I thought, “Fine, I’ll do it his way.” So I made the changes he wanted and kept the old ones in my file, just in case he sent them back again. Well, he did send them back and this time he wanted me to change them to the way I had them done the first time!!! What a dumbass! I wanted to take the copies he marked on and shove it in his face and say “I told you I did it right the first time” but I didn’t. It wouldn’t have accomplished anything except making me stoop to his level. I made the changes and sent them back and kept my mouth shut!

He ruined my entire afternoon yesterday and I was sooo mad I could’ve shoved those affidavits up his ass. Why can’t he just do his job and do his research before he sends shit back to me. He’s always doing this shit to me. He sends them back for changes and I change them the way he wants and then he sends them back again to be changed back the way they were the first time. Is he trying to make me feel stupid or get me in trouble or something. I’ve been keeping all of the ones that he marks his changes on just in case someone thinks I’m doing something wrong. At least I’ll have them as proof that he requested the changes and it’s not me who’s incompetant! Fucking bastard!

Sorry this was so long but I feel sooooo much better now!

If you have all the documentation, with his changes, you need to go to his supervisor. And say something like “I need someone else to verify this, because “Bob” doesn’t seem to know what he is doing, and I simply cannot be irresponsible and put our company at risk by following conflicting instructions. Can you suggest someone who has a clue?”

Or words to that effect. I’ve done this sort of thing before, and had great success embarassing the idiot who made the changes. To the point where they don’t argue with me anymore. :slight_smile:

I’d modify Anthracite’s good suggestion:
you should take it to your boss and politely ask how much time you should be spending on this sort of repetitive/redundant action. Any task that you did not complete for your boss while you were “discussing” the changes is fair game for comment, as well.

However, I would let the bosses handle the situation (at least, initially). Going over the jerk’s head to his boss if you are not at the same level as his boss is a breach of protocol. Some places don’t care that much about protocol, but I would guess that the sort of company that names every third junior assistant a “Vice President of Third Junior Assistancy” might be more conscious of protocol. (Sorry, my views of the insurance industry management are not high.)

I will also recommend that you approach someone in management and point out the errors, extra work and lost time “Bob” caused. “Bob” is probably in a position he can’t handle, I wonder how many other persons he has done this to.

Fry the BASTARD! Fry fry. Make him squirm…

seriously though, you should not have to put up with that, and your company shouldn’t either. If I was his boss I would want to know. Besides, having him over you makes you look bad. That could damage your career too. you are doing good, fast work, but does anyone get to see it? I think you definatly have to say something. Maybe start with him and if that goes no where go over his head.

Ironically enough the guy’s name is Bob!

Whatever else you do, keep covering your ass. That’s good thinking. And keep in mind that other peoples’ opinions of your level of intelligence are usually erroneous. I get that shit all the time in my job from assholes who outrank me whose job duties I could perform while comatose.

Way to CYA, keep on dong that, regardless. There are basically two options here, as people have alluded to individually:

  1. do something now. Take the singular incidence to someone higher on the food chain, either at you bosses level or above, and present the data/info to them and see what happens; or,

  2. continue to CYA when he, “Bob,” makes these rediculous requests and wait until something slips through and the blame, as it often does, rolls down hill to you, at which point you, viola, produce said documents and smoke’em.

I’m sorta partial to #2, even though it takes more of a long term approach, it lends itself to allowing the situation to correct itself, and this may (or may not) be a one time thing.

Good luck, see you at the lawn party.