The Beavis and Butt-Head Appreciation Thread

Over 40 episodes have recently been released on DVD and VHS. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this day for years.

One of my fondest memories from childhood was tuning my ancient black-and-white to tv to channel 18 and hoping and wishing that My Show would be on. Turning the channel quickly at the slightest noise because I was forbidden to watch that evil show…
So, does anybody out there love that show as much as I do? Anybody hate it? Anybody have any memories or favorite episodes?
One episode that sticks in my mind…Butthead is at the front counter at Burger World, talking to a customer

Butthead: No, you’re gonna take these fries, and you’re gonna pay for them
Customer: But I didn’t order any fries!
I can’t wait to buy the DVDs!

They’re out? I know they were in the Best Buy circular for this week, but I also saw a correction notice that said they would not be in stores on Sept 24 and they didn’t know when they would.

And yeah, I think Beavis and Butt-head were underappreciated. They got a lot of blame for being evil, but if this show was on TV right now, people wouldn’t even flinch what with South Park.

My all-time favorite episodes are the first Cornholio and the one where they work the closing shift at Burger World. The movie was genius as well. I loved Beavis (as Cornholio) wandering through the White House and saying to Richard Nixon’s portrait “Are you threatening me!?”

B&B is TV’s all-time greatest guilty pleasure.

From “Bang the Drum Slowly, Dumbass”:

Van Driesen: “We come out here in the woods together to wrestle with our Manhood.”
Butthead: “Heh…Beavis wrestles with his Manhood.”
Beavis: “Yeah…heh heh…and I usually win.”

Classic moment:

During a visit to an art museum, Beavis & Butt-head are looking at a statue of a naked man.

Butt-head: “Uh-huh-huh-huh…It’s like hard, but it’s not like…HARD!”

Beavis: “He heh heh yeah”

Ah yes, but who would win in a steel cage match between Tom Anderson and Hank Hill?

I used to love that show (haven’t seen it in years.), but I always thought some of the best parts were the music videos, and was disappointed when I rented one of the videos once and it had no music videos on it.

While in San Francisco (91-92) I attended two of Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival (at the Palace of Fine Arts, no less). Among the animated shorts shown was the prototype to Beavis & Butthead’s reign on MTV by Inbred Jed. The two I remember was they were at a game at a football stadium and the Roman God of Feces was angered by B & B (tipped over a porta-john) and filled the stadium with excrement. The other one was called Frog Baseball. These were accompanied by other classics such as the Plimptoons, Lupo the Butcher, and Dogpile.

I never thought beavis and butt head was that funny becuase I lived with real life versions of them all around me Same with daria and king of the hill although I did like daria

What was funny to me was their biggest fan base was exactly what the show was making fun of and mike judge laughed all the way to the bank

Uh huh-huh. Yeah, hhmmmmm hmmm, huh, yeah.

Cafe Society. Dillweed.

100 bucks says Nightshadea is a closet fan!

The show never pretended to be highbrow,pretentious entertainment.

And it made me laugh because i DID know people like those featured on the show.

Silly Boy (or Girl)…Hank Hill is Tom Anderson, thirty years younger, with a different wife, a kid, and some wacky neighbors.

Well, they did spin off Daria, which multiplies their value to the medium (Though somehow she became MTV Amimation’s red-headed-hide-her-in-the-attic-freak-bastard-stepchild, if the way they’re releasing that show is any sign)

Somehow MTV Animation failed to secure off-air rights to the material not produced in-house that was inserted into B&B (videos) and Daria (background/transition music & songs).

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I never saw the last episode of B&B, so I imagined what their final episode should have been like:

Bevis and Butthead, amazingly enough, actually find a girl stupid and slutty enough to have sex with them. Bevis is about to “do the nasty”, when up on Olympus Zeus takes notice and declares “NO! IT MUST NOT BE!!”. He sends down a thunderbolt and fries them all.

B&B then find themselves before St. Peter at Heaven’s Gate. Pete is about to send them off to Hell when a helper angel points out that if they really deserve eternal torment, they should have to stay in heaven forever where there’s no TV, no sex, and no rock & roll. The final scene shows the two sitting on cloud 9 in their halos while Butthead intones: “This sucks!”

Ah yes, Beavis and Butthead. I have many fond memories of me and my best friend watching that show in sixth grade, especially considering that the two of us combined mental power was about equal to one ten thousandth of one percent of either one of the Dumbfounded Duo.

I haven’t seen an episode of B&B in five years.

They did find girls slutty enough a couple of times.

Once was at a concert, where they didn’t have tickets, so they couldn’t meet the two inside. The girls were just like them-giggling and saying things like, “hehehe…you said ‘hangin’…ehehehehe”

I miss B&B.


I also like “Pregnant Pause”.

“Ehehehe…you’re supposed to pee on it…”

My god, how did you and your friend walk erect?

heh heh heh heh heh m heh, I said “erect.”

I miss B&B. I may have to spring for the DVD, even though the video commentary’s not in it.

I love the end of Pregnant Pause, where Beavis says to Butthead (bear in mind this is extremely paraphrased):

Beavis: heheh, hey Butthead, you know when you think you’re pregnant, but you just have to take a really big dump?

Butthead: Uhhhh, no.

IIRC the Dumbass Duo do find two white trash trailer park women that will “do it” with them. Unfortunately, a tornado interferes and they can’t find the women afterwards.

Favorite line (in a B&B Star Trek:NG parody):

Captain Butthead Picard to Beavis Riker: “Number One, I order you to take a Number Two.”

Horse: I also remember this from the same parody I think

“Fire the fruiton torpedoes, and uh, make us go that way.”

Then he looks at the girl (Troi?) and says “Hey, baby. I command you to show me your thingies.”