The best bird song I.D. website/software?

Ok, I give up. Maybe** Colibri **can be of help here. I hear tons of interesting bird songs but I can’t for the life of me find a source that would help me i.d. them. A couple websites seem to have potential, but the recordings don’t work. Many are just ads for i-phone apps. I guess I’d buy one if I knew it was worthwhile. But as of now, I can’t figure out what I’m hearing and I don’t have a good line on how to find out. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good source for solving this problem? It’s spring and warbler and sparrow heaven and for the life of me, I can’t figure out who’s making that sound. Any help, Dopers? thanks. xo,

Song Sleuth was recommended to me earlier this week.

I find Merlin by Cornell labs pretty good for bird ID. It’s for Android and it’s free.
I don’t know if they have an i-phone version. Hope this helps.

One of my favourite subreddits:

If you have an Echo, this thing is good.