The best cinematic car chase..

Just watched the car car chase from Bullitt (starring Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn) for the umpteenth time. I never get tired of it. The best car chase ever filmed. Any others even come close?

Dang, I was gonna say the chase scene from “Bullit”. Hmmm. Well, there was a nice one in The French Connection. And not automotive, but the dogfights (do they count as chases?) in The Blue Max were great. It was funny, watching people tilt and lean. (Actually it reminded me of the lovebirds in The Birds, when Tippi Hedren was blasting around the curves in her roadster.)

Hmm, sorry, wandering here as usual…


two words: Ronin.

Does the Steve McQueen motorcycle chase in “The Great Escape” count ?

I love the Chicago scene in Blues Brothers (BB2000 never happened). Partly because I love Chicago, and partly because there’s just a crapload of cars getting whacked. Of course, I haven’t seen any of those movies you are referring to, so you’ll say my preference stems from ignorance. Vote #2 would go to The Rock.

I’m with Kilgore. While Bullitt and TFC is great, Ronin sets the new standard for balls to the wall driving
stunts. With DeNiro and a bunch of guys I don’t know
and directed by John Frankenheimer who in one of his
lesser moments directed TFC II.

Dang! I watched *Bullitt *today also and was thinking that this would be a good topic. I love Steve McQueen and those were some great classic cars in the scene. Man, I miss McQueen.

I think, though, that I liked the chase in * To Live and Die… *(William J Peterson) more. It was much more action-packed with show-off driving skills and gutsy moves like entering the freeway the wrong way to shake the chasers. Plus, in the story, it was vitally important and near impossible that he not get caught and that added more tension than just cops-and-robbers stuff.

Didn’t see Ronin.

The Seven-Ups. A not-so-memorable movie with a terrific chase scene. IIRC, it was an unofficial sequel to the French Connection and directed by the same guy who did Bullitt.

But I could be wrong.

Best car chase scene: Blues Brothers.
Runner up: Vanishing Point. The whole movie is just one big long car chase, ending with the chasee ramming into the blade of a bulldozer and exploding. Now how can you top that? Maybe by immortalizing it in a Guns ‘N’ Roses song? :slight_smile: (…There goes the challenger, being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheels…)

Ronin has my vote.

Ronin…that’s it, that’s all there is to say.

Close second…The Rock.

Ronin… more votes!!

I dunno but I love to see that chase.

I dunno maybe its the rpg, and the other miscellanious(sp…) action that happens in the cars too, and the movies general appeal but i liked it alot!

Ya thought, and just think–as of the end of this week, I’ll be able to see it on DVD, on my new Home Theater system! :smiley:

Ronin is tough to beat but I saw a preview for “Gone In 60 Seconds” this weekend and this movie looks very promising for car chase fans.

The Blues Brothers is tops.
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World also rates for star power and stupid giggles. Ethyl Merman’s a scream.

Just thought I would put my 2 cents in. Bullit is my favorite car chase, but I have not seen Ronin yet. Also, as previously mentioned, To live and Die in LA has a great chase scene as well.


I like the futuristic car chase in The Fifth Element.

The Blues Brothers is up there, too.

Michael Caine in The Italian Job

Gene Hackman in French Connection

Blue Brothers has to be number one! The scene near the end is over-the-top. How can you beat being chased by State Troopers, Chicago police (boats, cars, horses, helicopters, and beat walkers), SWAT teams, the Army, Nazi’s, and the Good Ol’ Boys all at once? Also, don’t forget they gave us a second classic chase in that movie when trying to elude the cops through a shopping mall.

I’m not sure but I think The Blues Brothers still holds the record for the most cars destroyed in one movie.

To Live and Die in LA is a close second. Everytime you think they’ve gotten away more people show-up to chase them.

Ronin…unquestionably the best high speed car chase scene ever filmed and conveniently done in the style of the car chase scene in The French Connection!

Jolly good driving there, wot!