The best little bird store in NY

And maybe the world.

From this thread, I was reminded of when I went to this petstore last year: Parrots of the World.

I’m not sure why I didn’t post here then since it’s a great place.

The owner, Marc Morrone, also has a TV show. You’ve probably seen it. He stands there with about 50 animals around him of all types, and they’re all doing their own thing and he’s talking, talking, and keeping an eye on every single one.

When we went there, he had all babies in. So there were:

[li]The cutest little fuzzy sun conures. We watched him feed them. They’d all be sqwawking and yelling, and climbing over each other to get to him. He’d pick one up, feed it, toss it lightly back into the cage. Then he’d push them all back in. Then he’d pick up the next, feed it, while all the others fought their way out again. Then he’d toss it lightly back into the cage, and toss all the rest back in. He feeds every bird by hand.[/li][li] A Senegal parrot which we almost bought. He’d lay over on his back in your palm, perfectly quiet and peaceful.[/li][li]An agouti. They act exactly like they look, totally blase and so damn cute.[/li][li] A giant owl, a crow, and a hen from his show. [/li][li] A cucabarra. While he was feeding some other little babies, one of them got loose and flew onto the cucabarra’s cage. For those of you who don’t know, a cucabarra is a predator! :eek: So I was gently trying to pull the baby off, while the cucabarra ever so slowly turned his head, menacingly.[/li][/ul]

Anyway, it was the cutest pet store ever. We spent two hours just looking around, chatting with Marc himself, getting information…he’s very knowledgable but not in the least condescending.

I get my ferrets from him. This is the only store I’ve encountered that consistently will get ferrets that are not the standard sable coloring. As best as I can tell, he takes good care of his animals and fish, and his employees are much smarter than the ones at the big box pet stores.