The Best Of: Cosmos

One of the Denver PBS stations is showing the classic series by Carl Sagan, all night!!! UGH! I need sleep but I wanna watch this!

Not only that, Sagan was so cool that he not only allowed incorporation of classical music in his shows but I just heard a clip from Pink Floyd’s album Meddle. I don’t recall which song but it was recognizable!

Anyhow, it’s mundane and yes pointless but I had forgotten how much he mesmerized me with the explanations of our universe. If I could afford it, I would purchase the videos so I can sleep and watch them on my leisure.

Ah, t’heck with Sagan… just watch a good episode of Star Trek and you’ll get BETTER information about the stars.

Heck, Sagan didn’t even know about Thorian Radiation!

I’ve had the VHS cassettes for several years now, and have been thinking of getting them on DVD but I didn’t want my VHS set to go to waste.

Maybe if I sold my VHS set* to, i dunno, somebody, then I’d have an excuse to buy the DVDs.

*[sub]At second-hand prices of course ;)[/sub]

Two words:


:smiley: Good luck!

Cosmos was my favourite show! I have the “album”, which recorded sound on “vinyl” and used a direct-contact “stylus” to read the sound. :smiley: