The best thing with DVD....

I was just browsing the site where I purrchase almost all my DVD’s, when I realized that the things I’m buying are TV-shows.

It started with Buffy. Then Angel. Then I started buying Red Dwarf and I recently got The Prisoner (lame DVD, BTW).
Sure, it’s fun to have some movies, but the thing that’s the best for me is that tv-shows, that was never available, are being put on DVD and sold for a bargain. Back in the days of VHS, it was basically Star Trek and maybe some other Sci-Fi shows. Buying it on VHS was bulky and awkward. Now, I get a whole season of Buffy in a package the size of a paperback.

So… How about you guys - are you buying TV-shows or movies?

I’ve only bought the Family Guy season one, because I know I’ll never see that show in syndication. It also helps that it’s fantastic, even if the extras are scant.

Actually, it’s Season One + Two. Sah-wee

Eternal, if you get Cartoon Network, they’ve been showing Family Guy weekdays at 11:30 EST for quite a while.

I love teevee shows on DVD. I’ve got a bunch of seasons of The X-Files (right up until it began to really suck), every season of Star Trek TNG, and some Simpsons and Family Guy episodes too.

I love TV show DVDs! So far we’ve got

Simpsons Season 1 and Season 2
Jeeves and Wooster Seasons 1, 2, and 3
Blackadder I, II, III, IV
The Mr. Bean Box Set
Fawlty Towers
Family Guy Seasons 1 and 2
Red Dwarf Seasons 1 and 2
MST3K Volumes 1, 2, and 3
and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

peter kays phoenix nights on DVD. all round excellence

I swear my DVD sets are breeding behind my back. Space:1999, UFO, Sapphire and Steel … and there are some really good obscure shows coming out, too, like Moonbase 3 and Children of the Stones… I’ve built up a worryingly large library.

(The Prisoner set is notoriously afflicted with encoding artifacts, though … )

They’re not encoding artifacts. They’re messages to your spinal cord.

THEY seek to subvert the subversives…

I guess this is a slight hijack, but I got miffed by the Prisoner package. The only extras are “The bells of Big Ben” in an alternative version + a really crappy documentary (from the 80’s?) about the prisoner, which only consisted of clips from the episodes and a boring narrative. I don’t count the stills galleries.
Why not an Interview with McGoohan (I don’t feel he resents the whole thing), more about the phenomenon. It was just crappy, especially for such a famed, controversial, almost mythical TV-show.

Although I have 230 DVDs (not counting box sets), few of them are TV series collections because there arenot that many TV shows I’m so enamored of that I’m willing to drop $50-80 on. So far, I have

Babylon 5 Seasons 1 and 2
Simpsons Seasons 1 and 2
Futurama Volume 1
Family Guy Volume 1
Buffy Seasons 1-3

I foresee buying Buffy Season 4 (coming June 10) plus Babylon 5 Season 3 and The Simpsons Season 3 (both coming in August).

There are some shows I would like to get, but I refuse to pay $100-150 dollars for (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The X-Files, for example)

Just got Futurama Season 2 the other day, to add to my growing TV collection.

I also have, as a couple of hidden gems, Count Duckula and Danger Mouse collections.

I’ve got the first 4 seasons of the X-Files but gave up buying them after that because the show got too repetetive.

Also, I have the first 8 seasons of Friends, and I’ll buy the last 2 when they are available. Same goes with Sex and the City; I have the first 4 and will buy the rest when they are available.

I’ve bought the first 2 seasons of The Sopranos and I’m still contemplating whether to continue buying them or not. I heard some not too great things about series 3.

I also have the first seasons of 24 and 6 Feet Under and the first couple of South Park.

I heard a rumour that maybe Seinfeld was coming out. I’m guessing that show ran for about 10 or 12 years so my bank manager should expect a heart attack when that is available :smiley: