The best way to record a guitar amplifier

Hey guys… my band is in the process of recording our EP, which has proven to be a lot more tedious and tiresome than the fun and carefree image we’d all had in mind beforehand. Things take forever, there’s a lot of stuff to deal with… but that’s not the point of this post.

When recording my amp (a 250watt Marshall 2x12), the clean sounds I get from it sound fantastic when we play them back on Pro Tools. But attempting to mic an overdriven/distorted sound (the bulk of our guitar sound) has proven nearly impossible. It ends up sounding thin like a practice amp! The sound played back through the studio’s monitors sounds like there’s a blanket over the speakers… it doesn’t “push any air”, so to speak.

We’ve tried direct input AND miking the cabinet, and got disgustingly similar results. We tried double tracking the rhythm, which just made it sound even more harsh.

So, if any of you can help me get a decent overdriven guitar sound to Pro Tools, it would be greatly appreciated… how the hell can I get a fat distorted sound? Especially since I can get awesome clean sounds down? Help please!

Oh, good, my P.O.F.S. computer decided to post two of the same topic. If a mod would be kind enough to delete one of them, it would save my computer from a slow painful death at the hands of my baseball bat.