The Big Bang Theory 2/10--"The Benefactor Factor"

A wealthy donor to the university makes Leonard consider how far he’s willing to go for the sake of science.

I’m personally assuming the summary is equivalent to “Affluent cougar pursues Leonard.”

…who will then complain about his lack of success with women.

They need to quit sexing this show up so much. The social outcasts get way more action than me.

If is to be believed, the benefactor is being played by Jessica Walter. If that’s the case, Leonard has my sympathy.

I didn’t start watching until the second season. There’s been Leslie Winkle, that doctor played by Sara Rue, that visiting professor who liked role playing (and not in the way the guys are used to), Penny, and Raj’s sister. Have I forgotten anyone?

More in a season than I get in a decade.

Several decades, in fact.

I need a drink.

There was the spy in the flashback episode (when Leonard and Sheldon first met).

Jessica was good. So was Joshua Malina as the guy organizing the fundraiser.

If Sheldon is so condescending about experimental physics, then why does he care about the cryogenic pump? Can’t he just work out the results it would give with his big big brain? :smiley:

Give it a few Heinekens and Robot Arm will do her.

Isn’t that why the show’s called The Big Bang Theory?

Sheldon felt different somehow. He behaved somewhat more colloquially in this episode.

I want a Penny-centric ep soon, she’s being forgotten.

I’m a musicology grad student. I enjoyed Sheldon and Amy’s disdain of money going to art history and…gasp…gender studies. :smiley:

No benefactor would pull money from science and put it in the humanities. They could invest it in something more useful, like a race horse that’s a sure thing, or a Nigerian prince who needs to liberate his gold bouillon!

I thought this episode was hilarious. The older woman’s character cracked me up. Sheldon did seem more engaged (in a certain way) with everyday human life, and less like an anthropologist from Mars. Penny’s reactions were realistic. The give and take between the guys felt relatively real, too.

And yay for seeing Will Bailey (Malina) in a different role, although he was FAR too young to be the president of Cal Tech.

Is Kaley Cuoco putting on some weight? She kind of looked like she had put on some weight in those exercise clothes she was wearing when Leonard walked home.

Skip ahead to 2 minutes.

Penny and Sheldon tag-teaming Leonard after his date was classic.

Rest of the episode was enjoyable, certainly, but not really outstanding.

My favorite line was when AFF warned Sheldon that if he didn’t do something, the rich people might give money to the liberal arts departments and Sheldon cried, “Oh the Humanities!”.

She did spend several months with a broken leg. I imagine regular exercise was curtailed somewhat.

Aaaah, yes…‘Oh the Humanities!’ was my biggest laugh of the episode…I can’t believe I forgot that when I came to the thread.

I completely lost it when Leonard dragged himself up the stairs in the morning looking as if he had hit by a bus.

A nice Valentine’s Day treat for all us fans.

Back to this episode: It was nice to see how the real world interacts and reacts with Dr. Cooper.

That scene in the apartment hallway was hilarious (paraphrased):
Sheldon: After all the years of self-abuse, you could at least do something for the univeristy!
Penny: Won’t shag the old bag?

And way to go Leonard! My jaw just dropped!

Line I am stealing and paraphrasing: Some people think I have a beautiful mind, but most think I’m bananas.

I think Penny was far too casual with the idea of Leonard having sex with the old lady. At the very least, she still has deep feelings for him if not being in love with him and not knowing it. It seems unnatural that she wouldn’t be totally creeped out by the whole idea of him being a gigolo.