The Big Bang Theory 2/10--"The Benefactor Factor"

The pre-Pepper Mill me seconds this.
Back in grad school several of us used to compare our non-existent sex lives. In this show Sheldon has actually had women coming on to him.

Odd, I thought she was unusually hot in those scenes. (and I usually think she’s pretty hot, so unusually hot is pretty darn hot.)

I think it’s the socks. Dunno why, but those are some sexy socks.
Episode was pretty enjoyable overall. The benefactor lady was really good. The cast overall very funny, and the plot less over-the-top and silly than some of the recent ones.

I think I like AFF in small skyping doses better than in person. Last week’s fish tank gag and this week’s liberal arts bit were some of her best work.

I agree in real life Penny would’ve had more feelings that this, but this is standard for sitcom fare.

Remember “That 70s Show,” or “Petticoat Junction” where characters swap boyfriends and still remain OK with it.

I loved this episode, the pacig was good, but the laughter was noticable for me and I ususally don’t notice that.

I agree these “nerds” get far too much sex, but in reality if you dress the guys up none of them are ugly at all. In real life none of them would have trouble getting a date much less sex.

I think the theme of “men do stupid things when it comes to the possiblity of sex” is a good theme (think: Bill Clinton, John Edwards, etc).

Fun episode I thought. The cougar was funny, especially the way she openly abused Raj and Space Plumber. So that was the crazed girl from Play Misty for Me. Good to see she is still around and acting.

Funny, last week I thought Community was awesome while BBT phoned one in. This time I thought Community was fairly weak while BBT had a really good one.

But it’s not a matter of looks. It’s means, motives, and opportunity. And mindset.

I liked the part where AFF says the money could go to the Geography Department and Sheldon says, “Not the dirt people.” It’s so condescending and perfectly fits Sheldons smarter-than-thou attitude.

Hey, in her heyday, she was considered sizzlin’. Watch Play Misty for Me.

I think his point is that Jessica Walter as Evelyn was a crazy stalker. The original Fatal Attraction.

:confused: You’ve never seen Arrested Development, or Archer? She’s been acting pretty steadily these days.

Nah, I was referring to her turns as Lucille Bluth and Mallory Archer. I was hoping for a “musty old claptrap” reference last night though.

True but all of the guys are decent looking, well educated, they have good respectable jobs and they are in their late 20s/early 30s. This is just the kind of man women look for.

Even accounting for social awkwardness all of them (except Sheldon possibly) should have no issues. I agree mindset is the key but today but they’d get offers.

I worked in a computer store over the holidays and they had some REAL nerds and geeks and and they were much like these guys are “supposed” to be :slight_smile:

Remember when the producer of a soap opera on the Simpsons says “I wanted Mary Ann from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ ugly, not ugly ugly” :slight_smile:

I didn’t like *AD *so I never watched more than 2 episodes. I never heard of Archer.

It’s on FX. Do yourself a favor.

Personally, I couldn’t not think of her as a live-action version of Mallory Archer on BBT. I think that made it even funnier!

“Who told you you could eat those shrimp?!”

Go back in time and tell that to the 30 year old me. But it certainly wasn’t my experience.

Exactly! I watched them back-to-back, and now I can just imagine Sterling saying “Mother! You slept with lab mutant science geek?” before putting a bullet in Leonard’s kneecap.

Oh wow…I never even put her voice to Mrs. Archer and I always wondered who did her. Cool.

This ep was pretty funny, although I will chalk this one as another episode where Sheldon’s “too smart for people” act is way too over the top. I don’t care how stupid/smart/stupid-smart you are…some of the things he says on this show are totally unbelievable; and not the omg-I-can’t-believe-he-just-said-that unbelievable, but the omg-there-is-no-way-an-actual-person-would-say-that unbelievable. I give credit to everyone else on the show (especially Raj and Walowitz) as to the only reason I keep watching.

And to make it funnier - Jeffrey Tambor (a.k.a George Bluth Senior) is the voice of Len Drexler, the head of ODIN (and one of Sterling’s possible fathers)

This week’s TV Guide has a blurb on Carol Ann Susi who voices Mrs. Wolowitz. She says that is real voice. Quick, get her together with Fran Drescher (The Nanny) and Maggie Wheeler (Janice on Friends).

And Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza, George’s Mom).

I find my son treating his body like an amusement park…too bad you can’t do that for a living…you can sell out Madison Square Garden

I was pleased when, a few episodes ago, the “Truth or Dare” game ended with Penny leaving, upset by (and unwilling to answer) what she’d do if another girl figured out what a great guy Leonard was.

Similarly, I liked Penny’s reaction to the costume party with Zack on New Years’ Eve at the comic book store.

So this episode was a disappointment, because Penny’s reaction when Leonard comes back from the “walk of shame” having slept with the wealthy donor was not in the least discomfited. On the contrary, she seemed genuinely amused and not in the least bit upset.

Rats. Did I miss a memo?

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