The Big Bang Theory 4/26--The Stag Convergence

A bachelor party and his sexual past puts Howard’s marriage to Bernadette in jeopardy.

best line.

‘this is hot’, AFF.

Was that a “Hi, Opal” poster behind Raj at the bachelor party ?

I guess Wil Wheaton may actually be better friends with Sheldon now, then Howard.

No. And there’s no reason why it would be.

No. The best line was… “I’m curious what’s bothering you most. The borderline incest, the prostitute, or the group sex with the girl dressed as a children’s cartoon.”

another great line was early on when Wil said he can to Howard’s party because his other choice was another hot tub party at George Takei’s.

Not one of their better episodes. Some character growth from Howard and that’s about it. Meh.

he is turning into a nonHoward. either it will blow up or they will need to do extensive remodeling.

so, anyone find
(I tried a few variations and didn’t find anything)


“Oh, Internet. This is so going all over you.”

Man, Wil Wheaton nails lines like that.

There’s nothing worse for comedy than character development.

Did anybody get a good look at Wil’s shirt? I didn’t quite catch the design, but I think I have seen it somewhere.

I haven’t seen many of the current season episodes. Are Leonard and Penny back together?

They are beta-testing a new relationship.

I somehow missed the one where they reconciled with Wil Wheaton.

“The Russian Rocket Reaction” Episode 5 of this season. Sheldon’s new mortal enemy is Brent Spiner.

Spoilered just in case.

The gang went to a party at Wils house and Wil pulls out his very last Wesley Crusher action figure and then signs it and gives it to Sheldon. Just then, Brent Spiner walks up and grabs it out of Sheldons hand and opens it up and then says somethiing to Wil like, “Hey remember when we used to make these look like they jerking off?” Sheldon then tells Brent that he is now on his enemies list and Brent tries to make up for it by telling Sheldon he has a Data action figure in his trunk and that he’ll get it and sign it for Sheldon.

I didn’t get a good look, but I think it’s one of his: at first I thought that maybe it was a The Guild t-shirt, but I could swear that I saw “WWDN” on it…

To me it started off a bit bland, but I’m a sap so I liked the ending.

Not very funny though…