The big Bang Theory, Season 8, Episode 3 (September 29, 2014) -- "The First Pitch Insufficiency"

I’m starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Hey, (patting myself on the back) I got the homage to Ed Norton on the Honeymooners correctly (according to the vanity card) correct.

Penny’s hair is getting worse, if such a thing is possible. She looks like a 70s era porn star.
Hoping we aren’t in for a seasons worth of “doubts about the relationship angst” from Penny and Leonard.

The Wolowitz story was mediocre. Could have been better if he’d unveiled some slickly engineered gadget to simulate a pitch, and it actually worked…

This episode had me wondering why the hell Bernadette was with Howard at all, and also convinced me that Leonard and Penny are a terrible couple. The second episode – the repeat from last season – was a stark contrast, where you could actually see why these people don’t loathe each other. More of that, please.

That was one of the best vanity cards I’ve seen from him. Instead of extreme narcissism, it was an interesting insight into the episode. More of that too, please.

I was waiting for her to yell something like “Oh, for crying out loud!” and then run onto the field, snatch the ball, and pitch it herself, as if they had it all planned that way.

Would have been much funnier!

Terrible episode. The humor is stale and repetitive, and not really that witty or funny. One more of these and I’m done with the show. It’s had a good run, but it’s time to be put out to pasture.

That’s what I thought he was going to do, which bugged me because it’s not like pitching machines are anything new. Also, I don’t know why they had to run the rover so slow and have everyone boo him, he could have tweaked it to it ran faster and would have been a better storyline for him and sort of demonstrated the point he was trying to make to the kids (if you’re not good at something (or can’t do it at all), science can help you).

Penny’s hair is now just terrible. Why did they ever do this?

The Howard story was just plain dismal and awful. They couldn’t make this show suck any more if they were trying to make it suck.

Is there a possibility they want to make this show just go right down the drain? It seems like they are intentionally wrecking the show - intentionally causing it to lose all its viewers.

Is it possible they could have some kind of insurance policy that pays off if their ratings fall beneath some specific number? Kind of like a business owner with fire insurance deliberately setting fire to their business. I know that doesn’t make any sense. But how can the dismal dive in quality be explained? If it wasn’t absurd, I might guess they turned the writing and production of this show over to a group of amateurs and Chuck Lorre and all his staff are busy working on something else.

How else would you explain what is going on with this show? I can’t imagine any possible explanation. It doesn’t make any sense. It is no longer funny at all. Not the slightest bit funny.

Sheldon has gone from being socially clueless to being an out and out asshole. All 3 episodes this season have reinforced that.

I can’t deal with another season of Leonard-and-Penny drama/whining/blah-blah. Their storyline should have died out ages ago and they both should have moved on.

Agree that Howard should have had a win for this one, and I don’t like the way Bernadette has become so bitchy and mean.

So, yeah, I’m about done with the show, too.

That’s exactly what I was thinking!

I think making Bernadette as a shrill harpy is one way to explain why she is in Howard’s league. If her personality was as adorable as her appearance then Howard wouldn’t stand a chance.

I liked how everybody else was ragging Penny for her drinking. Hopefully it doesn’t mean a very special intervention episode is coming.

As soon as I saw Howard doing the gyrations, etc. when in the gym I thought “Ed Norton.” Didn’t need to read the vanity card. The only funny lines were from Amy. And I’m already tired of Bernie being shrill and turning into Howard’s mother. The only decent story line this season is Stuart living in Howard’s mother’s house.

Is it just me or have they stopped making geek-references in the episodes this season? I don’t recall any SF/Superhero/D&D jokes so far. Not that they necessarily need them, but it is one of the things that set the series apart from other sitcoms.

Let’s not have all the pre-marital angst from Penny. Just let them get married and be done with it.

I was thinking Ed Norton, too and that Bernadette made a perfect Kramden.

The whole stadium bit was lame. Sheldon was surprised to stay and watch the game? Really? That schtick of bribing him like a little kid got stale a long time ago.

Best bit of the whole show was Bernie imitating Howard’s run.

This is actually really common for friends and family of someone being “honored” at a game. A friend of a friend performed the national anthem at a minor league soccer game last year. My friend (and his family) left before the end of the first half.

Basically, enough time to hear the anthem, eat a hot dog, and go.

Maybe the show is just tired now but something seems off this season.

I’m hoping that it will get funnier as the season progresses.

I think that Amy should elaborately plan to get Sheldon drunk and then ***** ensues and there is a serious discussion of date rape, while Amy gets sent to women’s prison and lives very happily ever after.

I didn’t see this ep. What is this “vanity card” of which you speak?

I was actually expecting that!

Oh hell, I see now I wasn’t the only one!

We should be writing this show.