The Big Bang Theory, Season 8, Episode 19 (April 2, 2015) -- "The Skywalker Incursion"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I’m going to leave my internet connection soon. Thought that I would bump this thread closer to the top. Bye for now!

if they would have shown Sheldon getting tased then it would be The Best Episode Ever.

had some funny.

I agree. Could have done more with the Skywalker stuff and way less with the ping pong. Decent episode overall though.

Is it just me or are they downplaying Penny’s part lately?

I liked the fact that, like the trip to Bakersfield, they actually filmed the background on the right roads. I-5 is nothing if not ugly.

Should have shown Sheldon getting tased.

Should have expanded the role of the 3rd guy being retained.

Should have kept Amy vs. Raj, and ditched the rest.

Even the gate was right. It was a faked-up set, but was an exact match of the real deal.

I have a few friends who have made the same trip for the same nerdy reasons.

This season seems like it’s … off, somehow. It just doesn’t have the laughs of previous seasons, and the characterization seems wonky.

Bernadette is becoming much more of a bitch, if you ask me; originally, I wondered why a person like her would put up with Wolowitz. Nowadays I wonder why Wolowitz would put up with HER.

Is it just me or has Johnny Galecki put on a LOT of weight lately?

Sheldon could use some character development. They keep teasing us, but so far he’s still further out there than he was back in the second season. It’s like they don’t know what to do with him when he’s not being wildly self centered.

And I can’t help but think the tasering off screen was a good thing. Jim Parsons is not what I’d call a physical comedian.

I think Johnny has bulked up a lot, gym-wise. It is not doing his face any favors. And Bernadette has to get more and more bitchy as it is revealed more and more what a whiny baby-man she married.

I thought about that – Galecki’s always been pretty ripped – but in last night’s NEW episode, he has a rather prominent double chin. And in the rerun from earlier in the season, after The Odd Couple, he lacks the double chin.

And while I find it hard to argue with Biggirl’s assessment of the situation, I can’t say I find it real entertaining to watch. Mostly it just makes me think those two have a nasty divorce in their future. Either that, or Wolowitz cowboys up and Bernadette gets a grip on herself. And that seems like kind of a stretch for both of them.

…and now that I think about it… does Skywalker Ranch get a LOT of this?

“Whiny baby-man” – great characterization, there! Funny!

IIRC, “AA23”, the code for nerd loose on the premises, was also the detention block Princess Leia was being held in on the Death Star. Nice little Easter egg.

It would have been fun to actually see George Lucas on the episode, but I guess there was never a chance of that happening.

The tasering was much better off-screen. The humor is in watching Leonard’s face during the whole thing.

As for Howard…yeah. He really needs to grow a pair. Which would be a nice arc for next season, with his mother no longer a factor. Maybe have him engineer something that impresses everybody, and he realizes he can actually compete with the “doctors.”

In some ways, I feel like each episode is a unit unto itself. Continuity seems to be unknown or unwanted - mainly with regard to character development. I feel like the writers’ meetings are along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be funny if <character> did <wacky situation>” regardless of the reality of that character, such as it is. I’m really not liking any of them very much any more - they’re annoyingly inconsistent.

Yeah, I still watch, hoping for the occasional gem, but those seem to be increasingly rare.

There are a couple of good reasons right inside her sweater. :wink:

I’d wondered about that. At the time, I thought that the code for nerd loose on the premises shoulda been “THX-1138,” but I guess too many people know that one, now…

Then, what code would they use for “disappearing a dead hooker out of Ben Affleck’s trailer”?

It’s been a while since Bernie bared her teeth, so to speak. I think the first time she really exhibited them was when she was teamed up with Leonard for the scavenger hunt. Of course, Howard cut her down to size once when they were dressed as smurfs.

We’ll all have to accept that with a cast with 7 regulars, 3 of them really well paid, 2 just very well paid, and 2 merely well paid, they’re going to want to use all of them in each episode. So, they need an A story, a B story, and sometimes a C story. And they only have 20 minutes and 30 seconds to tell all two (or three) of them.

I thought it was funny that Raj and Amy both had a killer serve but no ability to return.

I wasn’t a fan of the Sheldon-Leonard arc. They may be big fans of Star Wars but to be like giggly teens over the thought of seeing George Lucas was a bit over the top. They should have quit when they were promised t shirts.