The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 7 (November 5, 2015) -- "The Spock Resonance"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Worst …

Heard Wil Wheaton on the radio today and he says he’s in tonight’s episode. I always like seeing his interaction with Sheldon.

On Tuesday, I was a bit pissed because I thought we’d missed Monday’s episode. Apparently it’s back on Thursday, huh?

Worst. Scheduling. Decision. Ever.

No, actually, I’m fine with it.

This is either the second or third season that they’ve done this; apparently, CBS has some sort of arrangement with the NFL that they broadcast the first seven Thursday night games on CBS, so all of their Thursday night programming gets held in abeyance until after that. Apparently, TBBT is a big enough revenue generator for the network that they feel that it’s better to temporarily shift it to Mondays for seven weeks than it is to delay the premiere, like they did with Mom and Elementary.

I don’t care about football but, if they’re going to air the games anyway, I personally would rather that they delayed the premiere of the show, and then just run straight through, with no hiatus.

A very curious episode. The whole flow was different. The conversational atmosphere and easy dynamic transformed the show from sitcom to drama — not in a bad way ( since drama is generally tedious ) but as a slice-of-life viewing.

It was if anything still funny, more so than the last few seasons — whilst the beginning of this season was grim — but detached in a way not that Chuck is displaying these characters for his amusement, but that he has reached a plateau where he has set them in motion and now calmly observes them as their literal demiurge.
I do not know if this would have worked when the show began so many years ago, but it is an interesting challenge to our tastes and susceptibilities if he can sustain this for the future. He remains the last master of the sitcom.

Cameos from not just Wil Wheaton and Adam Nimoy, but the mysterious new boyfriend of Amy’s was played by… Stephen Merchant! You don’t waste him on a back-of-the-head fleeting glimpse, so he will be back I’m sure.

I’m not a big TV watcher and so, when TBBT is set to come on, I do a big production of setting up, putting it on CBS so I don’t miss the cold open, hush the household and, 5 minutes to start, plop down in front of the TV. Apparently I was exhausted because I was asleep before the show started and didn’t wake up until well after 9.

I happen to watch both TBBT and Mom tonight, both shows are run by Chuck Lorre.
While I expect occasional dramatic scenes on Mom, not as much on TBBT, but both episodes ended with a similar, quiet, dramatic scene.

On TBBT Sheldon sees Amy with another man and quietly walks away.
While on Mom Alison Janney’s character, Bonnie, after leaving the apartment of the mother that abandoned her, she hears her weeping from behind the door. She pauses and quietly walks away.

Both Lorre sitcoms ended somberly tonight.

A little better than this season’s been offering. There’s been a lack of motion on the show lately, the recent sword fighting was some well needed physical comedy. Otherwise there’s too much of the characters sitting around and not moving while they talk. Sheldon broke through some of that tonight, everyone else just sitting there.

Howard and his father-in-law crawling under the house?

Bernadette dancing/stomping over their heads–with bonus dirt coverage?

I liked tonight’s episode. No real ROFLMAO moments, but enough chuckles to keep me entertained. Interesting to see Penny challenge Sheldon about Spock, and sorta “win”.

Yes, brief moments, but Sheldon outdid all the other action by himself. They don’t bother to have them walking on the stairs or even riding in the car anymore. It looks like they’re trying to minimize the studio time. They could be filming the table read.

So I just checked the episode length and, including the opening and end credits, it was only a little more than 18 minutes. When episodes get this short anything extraneous, like transitions, needs to be cut.

What is a normal sitcom runtime these days, around 21 to 22 minutes? So 4 minutes of extra commercials, yay.

Well, 3 of the cast are making just under $1,000,000 per episode now, 2 more are due for huge salary boosts next season, and 2 more are getting less huge salary boosts next season also. That money’s got to come from somewhere.

Just did a check on random sitcom episodes I’ve got on my hard drive. Arranged chronologically, an episode of Barney Miller is about 25:30, Night Court is 22:58, South Park is 22:04, The Office 22:04, and The Muppets 21:27. So it’s about 3 extra minutes of commercials for TBBT.

When Howard was sitting in the kitchen after he and Bernadette’s father came back from the inspection in the crawlspace, it seemed really obvious that Howard’s hair was a ridiculous three-inch-thick wig. And again, why has Bernadette not given him a makeover, because his hair is really unattractive?

And Adam Nimoy’s documentary seemed to be touching on the same things that the earlier documentary Trekkies did; that Star Trek inspired people to go into science or engineering. (And here is an OpEd piece from yesterday on the legacy of Mythbusters, which mentions it did the same thing.)

It’s his real hair, it just looked thicker due to the dust and some messing up. Simon Helberg’s real hair is quite impressively thick.

The episode Bernie turns up pregnant will be the last episode of this show I ever watch.

I liked how they’re showing the growth and insight of the characters. It’s obvious Sheldon still cares for Amy, but until he figures out how to show it in a more productive manner, it will never work.

I know Bernadette is not keen on kids, and Howard has been a schlub around the house ever since they were dating. Certainly with her income they could hire a maid?

I wanted Raj to get in on the decorating. It seems like it would be right up his alley.

I thought of something this morning…Mayim is a devout Orthodox Jew. She will not show her bare shoulders or her legs above the knee. So I wonder if the bedroom scene with Jim Parsons will ever come about.

Yes, Penny did “win”, didn’t she? I liked that.

Overall, a pretty good episode!