The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 18 (March 9, 2017) -- "The Escape Hatch Identification"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Really? Are we finally getting a new episode? How many episodes did they make for this season? Like 15 maybe?

It is still a pretty high-rated show, so I’m sure that there will be at least the standard 22 episodes.

I think being highly rated made them believe they could get away with three weeks of showing more than one episode a week and ALL OF THEM WERE RE-RUNS!!! It really pissed me off.

The producers don’t set the schedule, the network does. If CBS decides to show yet another rerun on Mondays, it’s because they think a TBBT rerun can still get better ratings than whatever crap Matt LeBlanc or Kevin James are starring in this year.

Last season there were 24 episodes produced; this year 22 are scheduled, with 17 already having been shown. The problem, of course, is that there are 52 weeks in a year. How to stretch what you have into what you need is why TV network programmers get paid big bucks and get fired quickly when their ideas don’t work.

I don’t like them referring to Stuart as a mooch. He is apparently a full time manny, and it doesn’t sound like they are paying him. Does he still have the comic book store? If so, I guess he wouldn’t be full-time mannying it.

If he is full-time, is he getting paid?

And Beverly is an evil person.

A BBT rerun* is *better than whatever crap LeBlanc or James is in this week.

I think business must have picked up at the comic book store (it probably helps that Stuart can reinvest some profits and isn’t paying rent). He was able to hire Raj P/T; he can probably hire that Dale guy 10 or fifteen hours a week, and get him to work for free comics. And he may have a nut that Mrs. W. left him for periodic improvement. Or maybe she bought the store’s space, so Stuart doesn’t have to pay rent on it.

I know Stuart got evicted from his apartment, but he may have been living too high, and could have afforded some apartment, just not that one; or been evicted for some other reason than non-payment of rent.

Since Halley spends some time at Bernie’s parents, and comic book stores tend not to open until around 10am, while Howard and Bernadette have to be at work probably at 8am, I can totally see an arrangement where Stuart watches Halley in the morning after B&H go to work; Dale opens the store and works from 10am-noon (slow time), Bernie’s mother comes over at 11:30 and picks up a baby who is fed and bathed and had tummy time, been outside, and is ready for a nap, Stuart goes to work, and then H&B take turns picking up Halley at 6pm, while the other one can work late. In a pinch, they get Raj to pick her up.

I work in a preschool with early and aftercare. We have kids who get dropped off by alternating parents for early care at 7:30, and then get picked up in aftercare by a grandparent or a babysitter around 5:30. Five days a week. No arrangement B&H have would surprise me.

If I remember correctly, Stuart was living in the comic book store when it burned down (and showering in the gas station and, occasionally at Leonard and Sheldon’s). Too bad for those of you hoping for less Raj. Living with Penny and Leonard will most likely give him more air time.

And yeah, Beverly is a bitch.

Yes, Beverly is a bitch, but I think she’s right. All is not well with Leonard and Penny.

This seemed like a filler episode to me. Not a lot of laughs, let’s get Raj situated so the real hijinks can begin. IIRC, when Raj was staying with Sheldon, he was a good enough roommate to impress Sheldon with his cooking expertise.

I think Bernie makes enough money that they can hire a nanny. Oooh…maybe a love triangle with the nanny, Raj, and Stuart?

She certainly is, but I always enjoy seeing her on the show. She’s “scary funny”!

Meh. The basis of the show was funny situations created by socially inept nerds. Now it’s just a weak version of Friends based on common relationship crap. You’ve got 5 doctors, one engineer with a measly masters degree, and Penny. Surely they can come up with funny scenarios based on that instead of a show could be based on any random group of people.

I didn’t like the way Beverly was portrayed in this episode. She’s certainly cold and unmotherly, but this evil twist is too far out of character as far as I’m concerned. In the past when she made such observations (e.g. Howard and Raj in an ersatz homosexual relationship) it was a clinical, emotionless comment. The evil grins last night came out of nowhere and didn’t fit what she’s been up to now.

Definitely a mediocre episode, IMHO.

OTOH, I thought Penny’s hair looked fantastic in this episode. I don’t know if she able to grow it out that long since she had it cut sort, or if they were extensions, but the staggered somewhat-unkempt look is much better on her. That’s almost reason enough to watch.

  1. Definitely filler.
  2. $5 says that Batman is gone by next week.
  3. Now I think the writers are just fucking with us. They read the various boards - they know that people hate what they’ve done to Stuart. Here was the perfect chance to move Raj and Stuart in together in their own place. But noooooooo. They tease us with it, then slam the door on the idea. Idiots.
  4. Rents in Pasadena aren’t that high. Quite frankly, unless Raj’s place was in the heart of town, I don’t see the rent on it being that high. It wasn’t that nice. Stuart could easily have moved in with him there, saving money for both them and the production company, because they already have the props and setup.

Oh yeah, she looked rather nice! Lovely woman!

I kind of wonder about the rent on that place though. When Sheldon was staying with him, he said the building was an old watch factory. Which means to me anyway, it was probably converted into ‘upscale’ hipster/Bohemian-type apartments with sky-high rents to match.

I liked the “attack trible” line.

But if Raj has taken responsibility for his credit card and car payments (unless he got rid of the car?), then his monthly expenses without rent could be exceeding his income. Although it seems unlikely that his parents would have been carrying a balance on his credit cards.

Yeah, that was hilarious!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I just don’t care about Raj. I never cared much for the character, and all the ways they’ve tried to make him interesting and quirky have fallen flat. I try to imagine another actor playing Raj, and I have to admit, Kunal Nayyer himself might be the problem.