The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 3 (October 4, 2018) -- "The Procreation Calculation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Now i’m getting this thread back toward the top!

This one really was a meh for me. I hate to admit it but I’d have liked more Stuart and less Raj. This season is going to end with Penny and Leonard divorced and I’ll be heartbroken. Amy made me laugh.

Can’t wait for next week to see grown up Tam. Young Sheldon is a much better human than grown Sheldon. Or, at least, how grown Sheldon was at the beginning. His mother should not have let him skip all that schooling. It damaged him.

Me too. Though Anu proposing to Raj was nice.

I hope not.


Me too.

Total meh. When the Stuart plot is the one that is interesting, the show is headed for the crapper fast. Now I want Raj and his fiance both to be hit by a runaway train. We’ll probably skip next week’s episode entirely, since we loathe Young Sheldon and everything associated with it.

Gotta say, so far the show is going out of its way to make sure nobody misses it when it’s gone.

A lot of self-righteous nonsense in this one. Too much cynicism and sarcasm, and none of it was funny.

I forced myself to watch it mostly out of habit. But it was more annoying than amusing.

The “arranged marriage” with Raj and Anu didn’t amuse me at all.

I was hoping that they would do more with Stuart’s subplot – it seems that his store is now raking in enough money that he should be able to move out of Howard and Bernadette’s house. I don’t know why they are so concerned about him having a “sleepover date” with his girlfriend.

I do wonder if a divorce is in the works for Leonard and Penny, but I sure hope not.

Leonard seems to roll over for whatever Penny wants. On more than one occasion he has told her, “Tell me what you want me to do.” Now, kids is a big deal and they should have talked about that, but I really want Leonard to grow a spine and say what HE wants.

Raj should not give up on romance. This marriage to Anoo (Anuu? Anu?) is going to be a disaster. I’m still hoping Divorced Missy will show up.

Glad to see Stuart getting some, but now that his comic book store is successful he needs to move out on his own.

And Amy is just creepy. Breastfeeding each other’s kids? Ick.

I thought Anu was obnoxious, but I do like the idea of a girl courting Raj for a change. I just don’t want it to be Anu. I want it to be Lucy or Clare. Or Missy.

I like the Stuart subplot, but it’s not enough to carry the episode. Yep, the series is winding down, and I hope it doesn’t go out in a shambles, like Sherlock did.

Huh. This one I actually liked some.

Bernadette’s face during the smooth operator bit was a great moment of comedy.

Penny and Leonard are showing what a decent marriage is. Identify issues as you realize them, talk about them.

And Anu? Perfect. A bit too telegraphed how vulnerable and scared she is under the controlling facade, but for a sitcom its fine.

This show has had way too much cynicism and sarcasm but this seemed like characters demonstrating actual vulnerable bits and empathy for each other.

Maybe the series can end with Stuart and Denise getting married and Raj ending up getting dumped by Anu for being too pathetic, dying alone in his over-the-garage studio apartment from dining on a bad Chipotle burrito.

Then Cinnamon eats him.

While I liked the proposal, I didn’t really like the actress playing the fiancee. She wasn’t very convincing. However, I find this show’s acting really broad and shallow, so she doesn’t stand out very much from the rest. Even in its hey day, I never got the Emmy-acting love.

I have no memory of her as a complete character. Whenever the camera was on her, I found myself concentrating on her enormous mouth.

Also, Anu started into a spiel about finances and such after marriage. As far as Raj is concerned, what finances? She must know through the marriage arrangement that he has bupkis.

If she’s going to be included in the series as Raj’s fiancee, it’s good the show’s coming to an end. She’s a pain.

  1. Could be that she is trying to protect her finances. Word of his past spending habits are surely known.

  2. She also knows the extremely wealthy family he comes from and that his parents’ grandkids at least would be well provided for. As heir to that estate likely not having to worry about saving for retirement so much either.

  3. He is gainfully employed. Not enough to keep on in the in the manner he had been living but enough to contribute to a comfortable two income household.

  4. But most of all, it’s an emotional shield for a person who, like Raj, is scared of being alone forever. The presumption is that in her heart she is as much of a romantic as Raj is. He embraces it, exudes it, and comes off as feminine and soft, or closeted gay. She pushes it down and comes off as hard with little femininity.
    At least that’s how I read it. The potential for a complex character and relationship is there. Not sure they’ll follow it up or that the actor playing the part has the chops to carry it off, but I like the possibilities.

His father cut him off because of his previous behavior - signing on for a marriage arranged by his father surely is a big step towards being back in his father’s good graces, complete with the same kind of huge allowance he used to have.

A quick Google search shows physicists at Cal Tech make approximately $100K a year. Does that go far in Pasadena? Howard only has an engineering degree, but he has been in space, so he may have a bump there. We know that Bernadette is making a “buttload of money” and Penny is making some bank in pharma sales. We don’t know what Anu does for a living, but I assume she’s some sort of professional, enough to be worried about protecting her finances.

She’s a hotel concierge and hopes to move up … the person above her is a smoker so here’s hoping.

He’s an astrophysicist. Is the pay scale the same?