The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 3 (October 4, 2018) -- "The Procreation Calculation"

I would think so. Rent on Penny & Leonard’s apartment is probably $1800 - $2200/month, while the rent on Amy & Sheldon’s place is $1200 - $1500. Howard has never had to pay rent, so all his money could be spent on toys. Raj was wasting his money on junk, which is why his father cur him off. But $100K would be quite adequate in Pasadena, unless the rent on the loft above Bert’s garage is obscene.

So do I. The others–Sheldon included–have all grown and matured in various ways, and seem to fit their ages, and the challenges those ages entail. Howard and Bernadette are parents; Penny and Leonard are discussing children, and while they may not necessarily agree, they are at least discussing the matter maturely (or at least as maturely as can be expected in a sitcom). Sheldon and Amy are newly-married, and appear to be madly in love with each other. Might as well retitle the show as “Thirtysomething Revisited.”

But Raj–in many ways, he seems to be still the late-teens-early-twenties single nerd. He needs somebody who can bring him up-to-date with how old he really is–someone who is looking to move up in her career, who understands finances, and who is smarter than he is, just in a different field, and a field that does not demand a Ph.D. in which to be a success. (And who doesn’t seem to be impressed by Ph.D.s anyway.) Anu is all of the above. How will she affect Raj’s worldview?

There are possibilities here. Let’s see what happens.

It’s more than a presumption. That’s why she made the impulsive proposal as soon as she saw it in him too. She’s like him. She met him thinking this was a business partnership that could grow into a friendship, that he had given up on looking for love just like she had, and was comfortable settling for a decent person as a partner. But the proposal (which I think surprised her as much as him) showed them both they didn’t have to give up on love or romanticism.

Yep. Not many episodes left, but Amy eventually became a real person and Anu can too. The arranged-marriage theme, building a foundation under the house instead of vice versa, is pretty new to American entertainment, so there’s a lot of ways to develop it - especially if the writers have watched enough Bollywood.

Oh, that’s right. A hotel concierge makes about $40K, and that’s in New York.

Every damn thing about Anu was annoying. The kicker for that was Anu proposing to Raj immediately after he told her that he’s a hopeless romantic. I couldn’t feel any feeling from her in the proposal. Now, when Amy threatened to end it with Sheldon if he didn’t say “something meaningful and from the heart” (S06E01), it was great because Parsons is a good actor and the lines were good. Anu? Nah. I’m hoping that the writers will recall that they’re the ones who wrote Raj as a “hopeless romantic” and let him find real romance this season and call off the Raj-Anu nuptials.

Leonard wimped out by calling his father-in-law about the children issue. Penny, evidently, already knew that having children is a high priority for Leonard, so this is on her. Recalling the episodes where she explained why it took her so long to tell Leonard she loves him, that could be the saving writing for this before the end of the show. As it turned out, Leonard’s apology to Penny went over well and Penny gave a treat to Leonard’s nerd side.

Stewart and Denise getting together is pretty good. I guess the reason Bernadette and Howard worry is because they can hear everything in the house. But, yeah, the comic book store seems to be doing well finally in the story line and that’s good enough excuse for Stewart to get his own place. Or move in with Denise.

Amy was pretty funny in this one. IMHO, the bit about breastfeeding each other’s baby is exactly what anyone following the show for more than one season after Amy was inroduce would expect her to say. And her comment about her and Sheldon’s DNA combination was pretty on-point. And Sheldon? He wasn’t really there for much in this episode.

For the next episode, I guess it’ll be interesting to see how the writers introduce Tam for those of us who really don’t like the show Young Sheldon and haven’t watched it after seeing (suffering) through two episodes.

That plot point was done at least one before when Bernadette initially didn’t want Howard to go into space.

She ratted him out to Debbie (Howard’s mother).

Got around to watching this. An above average number of giggles (by recent seasons standards) until …

Raj dumps her. She proposes. He accepts. WtFW???

Makes no sense in any universe, TV or otherwise. Idiotic. Etc. The episode died right there.

Based on their date conversation, he thought she was a brutally practical settler, not a hopeless romantic like he is. She had him pegged the same way, based on him choosing an arranged marriage like she did, and was dealing with him as such, until he told her otherwise. She then realized he’s a hopeless romantic just like she is, and proved it to him in the most direct way she could think of.

This person is NOT a romantic, hopeless or otherwise. She is “pragmatic” at best. (More like a self-centered jerk.) This is someone taking advantage of a person who is very naive.

(Note, I have not seen newer episodes. No spoilers in rebuttals, please.)