The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 1 (September 24, 2018) -- "The Conjugal Configuration"

The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 1 (September 24, 2018) – “The Conjugal Configuration”

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Now I’m getting this back to the top. About to leave my internet connection for the evening.

I’ve read the episode description. I hope we get to see some more of Amy’s parents - they were funny.

Everyone says Penny and Leonard aren’t going to last.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Even the kinda forced C story with NdG. I judge how funny an episode is by how much my husband laughs (if he’s watching) because I’m biased. He laughed and actually spoke to the TV (warning Howard and Leonard to keep their mouths shut), so I’ll say it was funny and engaging.

Loved Amy and Sheldon. After finding out they only had sex once a year before their wedding and then Sheldon saying he and Amy had children (plural) on Young Sheldon-- I did wonder as I’m sure many others did. That was so sweet and yet so Sheldon.

My DVR failed (partially my fault) – Not sure if I can see it online without getting CBS Access.



The tag was the best part. Go, Neil.

Lots of facial reactions, not many jokes.

Nice to see Teller actually talking in words and sentences though.

Concur. I assume they’re going to pull out all the stops on guest stars for the final season.

I enjoyed the episode!

How many others actually like Penny and Leonard as a couple? I enjoy seeing them together!

Sheldon and Amy are actually fun to watch, as well. Great comedic interaction! And Sheldon talking about coitus always makes me laugh.

About Mr. Tyson – was it ever mentioned that Raj already knew him? Because he has appeared on the show at least once before…

Actually, the showrunner told The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s obviously a wish list of guest stars and sometimes that’s just people that we want to meet. But ultimately, we want to be careful of not just making it a parade of guest stars, which is an easy trap to fall into on your last lap. We really want to make sure we focus on our characters and give them the proper ending that they deserve.”

I thought the funniest part was the bit with Sheldon and the “frankfurters.” Which was obviously being used as a euphemism.


Raj is an unwatchable character. He’s not funny, just unpleasant.

I watched it less than 12 hours ago and I don’t remember Raj in it at all. Or Howard and Bernadette, now that I think about it. Were they that unremarkable or forgettable or did I space out so much that I missed them?

I watched a season 2 episode of Murphy Brown featuring a young Mayim today and she shouts at/about a character named Sheldon and it was very WTF for me.

Maybe it’s because the show is finally ending, but I found it a lot easier to just sit down, watch, enjoy some cheap laughs and not worry too much about the parts that weren’t funny.

To me they definitely feel like the most “real” couple, and over the last couple seasons I’ve enjoyed them the most as the drama-free couple who get to chuckle at everyone else’s misadventures. So can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea they’re not gonna last, hopefully that plot line doesn’t come back. This episode it seemed like Howard/Bernie were taking that role (do they have kids? Wouldn’t know it from this episode!)

You don’t need CBS Access until a number of weeks after the episode has aired. I just finished watching it on

Here are my reactions:

[ul][li]It seems obvious to me that all the actors are aware they’re not coming back to these characters after this season. It seems to have taken the life out of the characters.[/li][li]I’ve never liked Kathy Bates as an actress, and Teller could’ve made more out of his part.[/li][li]The bit with the hot dogs was quite entertaining.[/li][li]Howard and Bernadette spent their screen time trying to talk Raj out of a twitter feud.[/li][li]The interaction between Tyson and Nye was funny, and a good ending for the episode.[/li]Raj? Can the writers finally make up their mind what direction they want to take the character?[/ul]

Bill Nye got more genuine comedy out of his reaction to Tyson’s phone call than the rest of the cast did out of the entire episode. That’s pretty sad.

[quote=“Monty, post:15, topic:821840”]

[list][li]It seems obvious to me that all the actors are aware they’re not coming back to these characters after this season. It seems to have taken the life out of the characters.[/li][/QUOTE]

From what I’ve read, the decision to end the show after this season was made after this episode was filmed, and the first six or seven episodes were written.

The hot dog bit was mildly amusing, but very un-Sheldon. No way he would even think about buying or eating or buying for someone else to eat a NYC dirty-water dog.

I guess the whole hot dog thing went over my head - it seemed like an unnecessary plot point.

I never thought Penny and Leonard belonged together, and the longer they’re a couple, the less sense it makes. But it’s just TV, right?

This does not bode well for a resolution of Raj’s thread before season end.