The Big C, anyone?

Guess what—it’s impossible to do a search on this show.

Is anyone watching this? I really enjoy this series. In my house, though, we amend the name slightly…My husband was talking TV with his (somewhat tightly-wound) sister-in-law and mistakenly told her that we’re watching a show called “The C Word.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only watched the first season so far, but I loved it. Laura Linney is the bees’ goddamned knees. Great characters, it’s fascinating watch them all unfold.

The scene in the first season finale where the son discovers the storage unit was extraordinary. I’m really looking forward to the second season (which hasn’t appeared yet in Australia… it’s possible I might get impatient enough to watch it through some slightly nefarious means…)

Ha, I kept calling it “The C Word” talking to a friend as well. I think the series “The L Word” has me confused. :smack:

Anyway, I really liked the first season; I also loved when the son found the storage room. I was boo-hooing like a baby.

The brother/friend/pregnancy storyline was finally starting to grow on me, and then it ended so abruptly.

Laura Linney is great!

I’m a big Oliver Platt fan. The rest is – meh.

Google “The Big C”

I call it C WORD too. I like it in general but wish they’d commit her brother and get him off the series. To me he brings the rest down, not because he’s mentally ill but because he’s an asshole (which I think is in addition to the m.i.). Gabourey Sidibe is also a sort of afterthought but she works.

I saw Linney in an interview say it originally was The C Word, but they didn’t want people getting it mixed up with The L Word so they changed it.
I’m over the brother, too. You can still be an asshole even if you’re mentally I’ll.