The Bitch has landed...

Yep it’s true, Evil Bitch - that promiscuous teddy bear from Down Under - touched down somewhere in the States over the weekend. Even as I type this she’s out on the town getting drunk with a doper.

For those of you hosting the bitch, I thank you in advance and also for your patience.

Well now she’s there and when she arrives you’ll notice she has a journal which I hope you’ll write in on her behalf. I’d also like to see pics of you and her doing whatever, wherever. They can be emailed to or sent to the address with the bear. We want to collect piucs of her and as many dopers as possible.

You should also feel free to post to this thread at any stage though it’s NOT compulsory which is why I haven’t identified the person currently showing EB the town. They can post for themselves IF they choose.

Please look after her guys. She’s my ONLY evil teddy…

p.s. I’d also like to think that you will share your bed with EB. She’s very open-minded and not in a relationship atm. And I know one of her goals is to become the most promiscuous member of the SDMB community…

1992: The term “surfing the net” coined, EuroDisney opens, China opens it first MacDonalds, Bill Clinton elected US president, Superman killed by Doomsday (tho resurrected the following year)

Excellent! When is she coming to Korea?

I’ll sleep with the bitch. Maybe she could even sleep between me and Tasha. Just what I need, another bitch. :slight_smile:

where the Bitch was. Have all of the potential hosts been notified? I did offer to show her Kennedy Space Center. Did I make the list? Just wondering.

later, Tom.

Just wondering if any of these pics are going to end up on weirddave’s favorite site of people haveing sex with stuffed animals?

I’ll show her around the campus of lovely Michigan State!

Maybe we can get a fling with Sparty or something equally shocking.

Anyhoo, email me if you want to send her on my way.

I was curious too whether I was on the list, as my e-mail has not been reliable for the last month or so.
Could you list the usernames who are on the EB tour?

Can we at least have a rough itinerary? You don’t have to say who is getting her when, but the tour route would be helpful. If you don’t want to post it in the thread, maybe you could email it to those on the list. It would just be nice to at least have a tiny idea of when to expect her.

I agree with some of the previous posters. Can we be notified if we are on the list? Or at least get a rough layout of her journey? I REALLY want to host her!!!

Bunny Girl, are you in East Lansing? I lived there for three years, then came back to Kansas. I really liked it. The Bitch with Sparty would be cool. Have a bagel for me, will you, at the Bagel Haul. I worked there for a while and never had a better bagel. And don’t forget Curious Books, and the Grand Gourmet(although the latter is just over the line in Lansing itself).

Baker, it is with a sad heart that I tell you that Grande Gourmet is no more. Seems they got tired of being in business and went out. Bummer. Hard to find “All-Clad” around here.

However, I will have a bagel for you and Curious Books rocks!

<Written by EB, with a little help from the registered user>

Okay, international travel SUCKS! You think a flight is bad, try making it in a little envelope sometime. I hate you all.

So, Chicago sucks. This chick has taken me nowhere. She FINALLY left the house to go to this cool little wine bar on Wednesday, then got sick just as I was about to jump head first into a bottle of German white. God, I thought this trip was going to be FUN! Anyway, there’s only been one pic of me so far, so last night as she was sleeping, I chanted in her ear, “Gooooo toooooo England. Gooooo toooooo England.” Apparently it worked, cause we leave on Monday! WOO! Two weeks with drunken limeys, and you KNOW those people can party!

So, anyway, I’m in the States for the mo’, but taking off to speak the Queen’s English in a couple of days. I’ll try to get this sick/lazy whosit to post more for me soon. Until then, you all can kiss my green ass. I AM THE EVIL BITCH!

EB, signing off.

Don’t you dare leave this damned country before I get to show you the beaver that’s chewing up all our cherry trees here in Washington, DC. I’ll even show you where you can pee on the White House lawn.