The Bizarre Story of the Seattle Mystery Vending Machine

All of the buttons are labeled “mystery” and it dispenses cans at random, sometimes dispensing sodas that have been out of production for decades.


Text: The Bizarre Story of the Seattle Mystery Vending Machine

It’s things like this that make America wonderful.

Somebody should stake it out. I’m curious.

<Adds mystery vending machine to list of random stuff to do in Seattle>

It’s probably stocked by the Poe Toaster.

The funding for the Toynbee Tiles has to come from somewhere.

It’s Jandek’s vending machine.

Someone did. It’s either people or aliens that look like people. Or robots that look like people. Definitely looks like people tho.

It would pair well with this one–too bad they are so far apart.

Simon Whistler is my YouTube secret crush, so I did find out about this machine recently. You should hear him pronounce “skeleton”.

Unfortunately, the vending machine is no longer. I used to see it all the time and then it was gone. Maybe the owner and supplier died or just decided to give it up.

IIRC, it was gone for awhile, but then was put back. The most recent Google Street View pic is from shortly after it was removed, and I don’t have the ability to jaunt over there right now to verify.

It is definitely gone again. Now that I think of it, it might have been due to the bus stop moving from the other side of Broadway. The new bus stop is where the vending machine used to sit.

The following website includes an update from last month saying it is gone again. Hopefully, it had to move due to the bus stop and will reappear somewhere else.

I’d buy Soda from it.

I like nearly everything and would enjoy the mystery surprise.

My favorite vending machines were the bottles that you grabbed by the neck and pulled out.

I’d love one of these in my rec room.

Am I the only one who thought this tread was about a vending machine that dispensed mystery novels?

“Hey, there’s a cool vending machine around the corner that I want to show you.”

“What vending machine?”
“Um, it was here the other day.”

Cue eerie music.

A seemingly innocent soda machine. Lost in time or an artifact from another dimension? It is either there or not. Who’s to say which is the greater reality: the one we know or the one in dreams, between heaven, the sky, the earth in the Twilight Zone.

Maybe it dispenses Schrödinger’s Soda. Or maybe not…

In my day, mystery machines carried scoobies.

Finally got rid of all the back-stock of crap.

Are there any businesses in Seattle that specialize in the sale of craft sodas and pop from regions outside the Pacific Northwest? If so, that could be the source of both the vending machine and the hard-to-find sodas.