We just got a soda vending machine! Help!

We bought an older machine. It has 6 selections and doesn’t take dollar bills. It’s a Dixie-Narco something or other.

We loaded it with sodas and tried it out. It gives out selection #1 as soon as 50cents is put in. How can we solve this??

How do we change the price of the sodas?

We thought this would be the coolest thing ever but it’s giving us a big headache. :confused:

Dixie-Narco something.

Perhaps the contact on button #1 is stuck, thereby leaving it in a permantly pressed state.

The website doesn’t have a troubleshooting section.

The #1 button isn’t stuck, as far as I can tell.

Ugh. What a headache. I think I’ll go see a movie. Austin has theaters that sell beer. Hmmm. T3 and Guinness. Sounds good.

Even if the button isn’t stuck, the contact on the inside of the button might be.

The title reminds me of the time that my siblings and I were at a family friend’s wedding four years ago. My brother likes Slurpees, so he came with the idea that he’d have a Slurpee machine at his wedding. We thought it was a cool idea. :smiley:


But it does have several contact telephone numbers for the company, from whom you could, say, order manuals or seek technical assistance.

No need to thank me. Oh that’s right, you didn’t.