The Blue Castle

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put a ‘spoiler warning’ here, but this will be a discussion of the book so it will contain spoilerish info. about the book for those who’ve not read it.

I saw

That two people responded to my comments about ‘The Blue Castle’ by L.M. Montgomery. As I didn’t want to annoy people in a pit thread :eek:, I thought starting a new thread about this most beloved book might be a good way to continue the discussion.

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I had no idea this book was marketed as a childrens book, and I agree completely that it should not be so. Several of the topics in the book, in fact the basic premise, are very complex. Her dealing with the fact that she is ‘dying’, the death of her sweet friend Cissy Gay and her out-of-wedlock baby. All topics that might make the book less enjoyable for some children, as well as the fact that the basic premise of the rigid and often illogial norms of ‘Society’ and standing away from that bringing self-realization… Definately a young adult book for full enjoyment, though, of course, children do vary. :slight_smile:

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Glad there are others who love this book! I find myself recognizing a fellow human kinship when I read of her struggles and discoveries, which is always the sign of a well written book. Plus, Barney Snaith is one sexy man!

(Ah, yes, and don’t forget how much Anne wanted those black tresses! But that’s probably a different topic.)

I hope there isn’t another topic on this already, but I did a search and nothing turned up (but perhaps the guinea pigs…er ‘hamsters’ ate it…though I must vote for guinea pigs because they are like ravenous, empty holes, much like this board when it wants a post on certain occasions) :smiley:

This is one of my favorite books!!! I was always very much a daydreamer, like Valancy, and loved her successful rebellion against her pinched little life.

I also loved how Valancy’s taste in men changed, starting with the golden youthful prince and ending up with Barney Snaith. And I agree that Barney Snaith is hot!

Valancy is an inspiration for me. :slight_smile: Every time I read that book I’m determined to live each day as if it is the most important day in my life, to really see the world around me and really NOTICE people. :slight_smile: Also, I’m determined to not let people walk all over me, which happens to everyone at one time or the other… :wink:
Yes, Barney Snaith… a poet rebel born too soon for the motorcycle he was meant to straddle as the wind whipped through his long, curly hair… zones out