The board is running REALLY fast today!

Wha’ hoppen’? Is it because school is out for the summer? Did someone sacrifice a troll to Cecil?

I was just thinking the same thing, and I think perhaps you’re right and summer is the cause. I know there are a lot of university students that read and post here, so maybe a lot of them are on break now.

Whatever the case, I’m lovin’ it. I’m sure it won’t last, but I’m lovin’ it anyway.

The board is running REALLY fast today!

You’d be surprised what a little crank can do, especially if given to the board right after it’s seen a scary movie and has gone walking in the woods.


Yeah, I got out of school a few weeks ago but the boards were just as slow at home . . . but, then, I get out pretty early. I just came back today and the speed was immediately noticable. I think the school thing is a most likely explanation (you wouldn’t believe the kind of time we kids spend at our computers).