The board makes me angry

I was reading Lynn’s sticky, as well as some of her comments in some pit posts. It made me realize that nowhere on SDMB are you free to express yourself fully- at first I had thought that the Pit was where I could go to talk/respond/read about things that the mods would have devoured elsewhere. But unfortunately, that isn’t true. I understand there has to be some framework of rules, so that there isn’t total anarchy, but sometimes SDMB feels more like the TPMB (Thought Police Message Board)


Don’t hold back! Tell us how you REALLY feel!


Then perhaps you’d find usenet more suited to your needs.

If you’d like, we can help remove whatever temptation may remain for you to stick around. Let us know – we’d be happy to help.

All you are doing is trying to bait me into saying something to ban me. It won’t work.


Great rant. I too am fucking sick of this place. I pay good fucking money to post here, and these “squares” and “narks” are laying all these “rules” on me. Jesus, I’m seriously thinking of defecting to “l33t h4ck3r5 no r00lz board” instead, where I can REALLY learn stuff.


You are SO whooshed.

Are you fucking kidding me? “Thought Police Message Board?” Grow the fuck up.

“I’m being repressed!”

Thought police message board – why would they need one ?

Kinky. I like it! :wink:

manhattan is one of THEM. He’s telling me what to post.

Yes, manhattan sir. You are very handsome, and your posts fill me with an illuminous light and glorious knowledge. Thank you sir.


The boot of opression is squarely on your neck and those nazi mods are wearing them. :dubious:

Cool, that means I can look up their skirts!


Hey, Thought Police Message Board, Band Name!!

manhattan wears a skirt? Now that’s what I call kinky! I bet he spends his weekends dressing in women’s clothing and hanging around in bars.

I apologize (not really), if I’m the first to tell you this.


You are not allowed to yell “fire!” in a crowded theater.

You are not allowed to make death threats against people.

You are not allowed to slander people. (The list goes on.)
The SDMB requires first and foremost that you not be a jerk. WHOA! What an outrageous demand to make of anyone. How dare they seek a (typically) civil exchange of thoughts and ideas! Why the very notion of delimiting expression so that it fits the confines of polite and decent communication is utterly ludicrous.

Who in the Hell are these moderators and administrators to demand that we should first don the garb of civilized human beings before interacting here? Why should this message board be limited to provable or genuinely personal perceptions? Of what use is it to discourage ill-founded, racist or blindly ignorant notions from general discussion?


The first part of your sentence is perfectly rational. The second part, however, is off on some surreal tangent. In fact, you’ve contradicted yourself in that sentence, if you think about it. I don’t really know where you got the Thought Police thing from. I’ll play along with your idea for a moment, and ask: cite?

Gawddamnit, Manny, I like the Usenet and we don’t want your rejects. I speak for every person on the Usenet when I say: We don’t want him.

We got enough problems without him. Send him over to IRC: he can be kickbanned there.