The board went down (a couple of years ago)

In the MPSIMS forum, around page number 320 of “Show all threads”, there are numerous references to a time (times?) When the board ‘went down’ and was inaccessible to posters? What is this all about?

Any help is appreciated.
Curious, wolfStu

(Hey, wolfstu – hopefully this isn’t a controversial topic! – Ice Wolf)

Try this thread where the vets around here talk about what they did during a “downtime” last year. There’s reference to hackers breaking into the system.

Also, IIRC, the vets also talk of UBB breaking down, which is why they changed to vB. Or something like that.

That doesn’t sound any different than the outages we get every month or so for an hour. Some people just like to talk about anything unusual, even a 20 minute power outage.
My reaction is usually the same as this guy:

Last spring especially, the boards used to go slower and slower and then grind to a halt, and you wouldn’t be able to access them. MPSIMS was always the most difficult forum to get into during board slowdowns, usually between 2 and 4 p.m. Central time. We used to post “hey, MPSIMS is down!” threads in ATMB, but after a while we gave up, figuring that the admins already knew it.

I think the antique server was mostly to blame, the hamster not being able to run fast enough in his little wheel to keep up with the growing numbers of posters.

Then they changed over from UBB to vB, and they also added a “T3” to the server. No clue as to what that was exactly, but it did seem to improve things.

For a while. :wink:

Actually, I think they only added a second T1. A T3 wouldn’t really help, as the server doesn’t serve fast enough to strain the bandwidth we already have. At least that’s what I recall the situation being.