The Bobby Flay Channel

I was looking through the on-screen guide(Dish Network) when a new entry caught my eye.

It’s sponsored by Hellman’s and the actual show is in a smaller frame in the screen with a portion showing the ingredients while Flay does a typical generic cooking show with frequent gratuitous references to Hellman’s.

It appears to be a temporary show as it’s focused on holiday dishes.

I only watched a few minutes but since there are so many fans of Chef Flay here, I thought you all might enjoy this. :smiley:

After trying to make a 5 minute movie on our halloween display, I can’t IMAGINE how one person could create enough content to support a full time channel long term.

TV show, celebuchef, commercials, cooking … mix well and serve up in Cafe Society.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I’ve seen this same channel. It rotates who is doing the “thinly veiled infomercial.” Runs the same thing over and over all day (or multiples, I’ve not watched it enough to notice).

Of course, Dish Earth channel is better than watching a Flay show, even for a food TV junkie like myself.

Unintentionally Oprah?

Wow, he’s got seventeen shows on Food Network, commercials for his Kohl’s cook- and serveware, and now this? Could he be even harder-working than Ryan Seacrest?

Really? :dubious:

I mean, He’s not bad. He’s fun to watch on Iron Chef and I can handle an episode of Throwdown every now and then, but most of the time I’m rooting for him to lose. But if I had to watch a channel that was Flay all the time, ugh.

I could have sworn that this was a sarcastic comment about Food Network. Every frickin show has Bobby Flay…he needs another channel?