The Body Bakery

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Kittiwat Unarrom, a Thai artist and son of a baker, has opened up a bakery where he sells bread baked to look like dismembered parts. The resemblance is impressively and at least a little bit disturbingly realistic. You can see more at [noparse]"[/noparse], but be careful about who’s looking over your shoulder when you check it out.

I’d almost like to go there and try out the bread, see how it tastes. I think I’d eat a hand.

Whoa, that’s disturbing. And awesome. How do you get bread to look… like that?

That’d pep up the Eucharist.

Wow that is the greatest thing since sliced bread…

Awesome. I’ve been sending the link to my co-workers for a Monday morning gross-out.

The toe of Christ
The the knuckle of Christ
The nose of Christ
Part of the shin of Christ
I’m pretty sure this is a chink of forearm of Christ

Well, that might make it a lot easier to stay on Atkins.