the booger song

“Sing it, Mr. Louie!”
“I…I just can’t…”
“We double dare you! Triple dare you!”

I like to eat boogers, and I don’t know what to do,
The only thing I like more than boogers is poo.

Boogers, boogers, boogers, boogers…(repeat 3 more times)

Boogers in the morning, boogers in the night,
When I’m eatin’ boogers, I feel all right.


I like to live with boogers, I got boogers everywhere,
I got boogers 'tween my toes, and boogers in my hair.


I like to pray to the Booger in the Sky,
I hope I turn into a giant booger when I die.

Boogers, HEY! Boogers, HEY! Boogers, HEY! HEY! HEY!

(sung to the tune of the Smothers Brothers’ “Men Song” and Monty Python’s “Spam”)

“I’m never playing that again. Well, maybe for next year’s class.”
“Now take out your journals and write an essay on humor.”


Be afraid…be very afraid…

I must have the wrong thread. Terribly sorry to have interrupted you.

Long ago, when my mom was in church choir, they sang a hymn with the phrase, “sleeps not, slumbers not.” It always sounded like “sleep snot, slumber snot.” That was cured by having only two people sing the offending esses.

You wouldn’t happen to know a few of the lyrics to Weird Al’s “Got a boogey” song would you?
I’ve been looking for it to teach my heathens.

Here you go

LurkMeister gets a big hugs and kisses for finding those lyrics!

Now I just need to get ahold of Al’s box set and I will be in happy, happy, happy!

Only now will you have REALLY experienced a booger song.

Kricket, you might be able to order it from
or J&

I live to serve.

You know, I didn’t think I’d want to open this thread. No, I knew I didn’t want to open this thread. Yet my curiousity finally got the better of me…

shakes head


…Have I been whooshed or something? Is this a parody?