The boss of Canada

My seven year old daughter came home from school yesterday and announced at dinner that they have a new picture of Queen Elizabeth II on display in their classroom. I got caught off guard by The Question, but I did the best I could.

Jenny: Dad, is the Queen the boss of Canada?

Me: No, not really.

Jenny: So what is she then?

Me: Well, she’s the head of state, but it doesn’t mean anything because she has no powers.

Jenny: So who’s the boss, then?

Me: Parliament.

Jenny: Who’s that?

Me: Not who, what. Parliament is a group chosen by the people to run the government.

Jenny: I don’t understand that stuff.

Wife: Neither does your father, honey. Eat your dinner.

Silly Slip.

Conrad Black is the boss of Canada.

Oh wait, he left…

It’s Jean Chretien’s daughter’s husband’s cousin’s father.

Who I’m pretty sure is Power Chin.

I thought I was being paged. :slight_smile:

I think I would like your wife. It sounds like she keeps you on your toes.

We both know that lola is the boss. Knock it off.

[petulant little kid]

“You’re not the boss of me!”

[/petulant little kid]

This also made me thing of Mad Max 3: Beyond Stupid
“Master Blaster runs Bartertown.”

Believe me, Jean Chretien is the boss of Canada.

When you’ve got the balls to strangle a heckler on national television and respond to weeping, burning-eyed protestors by saying they were lucky to be in a country that uses pepper spray instead of baseball bats to discourage them, you are simply the boss.

And his wife is pretty awesome, too. Not too many other heads of state can chase a burglar out of their home with an inuit carving.

Fuck, this is all coming back to me now. I’m have tempted to start a Jean Chretien appreciation thread. Too bad his politics stink.

This is off-topic, but this thread is reminding me of Brunching’s review of The Princess Diaries.

You heretic bastards will burn in hell for this.

Everybody knows Geddy Lee is the boss of Canada. Sheesh.

I’m new.

Who the hell is lola?

lolagranola is Feynn’s lovely bride.

Coldy, WRONG. Alex Lifeson if any of them.

I’ll be damned.

I thought I was the only Rush fan left.

Hah! Have faith in the Teeming Millions, for they have excellent taste in music.

Well, some of them, anyway.

Jeez, Slip you must be new if you didn’t know that Clogboy loves Geddy Lee like I love my mother.

And I have made a decision. I’m the boss of Canada. Nyah.

lolagrnola and Feynn are an item?

Who knew?

I had fantasies about lola.

She would stay home and make cookies while I kicked Feynn’s ass on the golf course.

I said it was a fantasy.
Geddy Lee rocks.

But then, everybody knows that.

I am the boss of Canada dammit…the country revolves around me…I control the money…that funky new ten…it’s my fault…in fact my middle name is Canada…errr to hell with it I can’t pull this off…I’m sorry I don’t control Canada…:slinks away in disgrace:…and to think I thought I could get away with it…


evil chuckling, ominous music

Slip -

We have something in common (besides the Canuck posting style).

I too fantasize about Lola although baking cookies isn’t the first or even second thing that comes to mind.

I’m not saying the girl can’t cook but in six years I have never seen her bake anything resembling a cookie…

I’m the one who cooks so perhaps you got us confused and I was baking the cookies and you were kicking Lola’s ass on the golf course.

That would make more sense. It’s still pretty weird but it makes more sense than Lola baking cookies.

Oh yeah, you have my heartfelt sympathies for being a Leaf’s fan.

Anyways, enough of this friendly banter.

Let’s go pick on that socialist with the scary music instead. He’s an NDP’er, how tough can he be?

Geddy Lee does indeed rock.

I, however, am the QUEEN of Canada! Oh wait, no, that would be Frankie’s friend Gordie. Too bad, Esprix! He’s not Asian and he hasn’t been a boy for quite a while! Okay, I guess I’m Princess of Canada. Hey, my family’s been here since 1810, that’s gotta make me SOME kind of royalty!

Geddy Lee! Alex Lifeson! You people are twerps.

Everyone knows that Neil Peart is the boss. Schmucks.