The Boston-NY rivalry gets taken that extra step into crazyland!

This article talks about how much better Boston fans are but it lies-- LIES, I tell you.

Where in the hell in the Tri-State area is Neilson finding all these houses worth $200,000 or less? I’m thinking the stalls at the Vince Lombardi rest stop.

As to the rest of the article: good for you you non-organic food eating, fancy car driving, Amstel Light non-whiskey drinking New Englanders. Enjoy your Superbowl win.

I think the Pats’ll stomp the Giants. Then again, I thought that Tampa, Dallas and Green Bay were gonna stomp the Giants too, so what do I know?

No matter how you slice 'em, they’re still mostly meatheads: urban-Northeast predominantly-male pro-sports fans.

Yep. That describes me to a T.

I’m planning to. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t put too much hope in planning that party for 2008. Celebrations will be a short bit to the south and west.

Since when does living in an expensive house = classy? When I lived in Norwood, MA, (less than 10 miles from Gillette Stadium) I thought my neighbors were all retards for living in houses they couldn’t afford. They never had time to take their kids to the playground, or spend time with their families, etc. It’s an enormous perversion of values.

True, true. I’m a bit northeast of Foxboro Stadium.

Man, nearly a week to go and already the media are scraping the bottom of the barrel for stories.

I sincerely hope that the Pats win for a perfect season, but that article was too fucking stupid for words.

For the record, though, the Herald has a reputation that even a parakeet will avoid.

I have never heard this phrase before…would you explain it for the thinking-challenged?

Eh, dumb joke. I mean that it isn’t even fit to line a bird cage.

Wow…I have no stake in this rivalry, but that “article” made me scream obscenities at the dumbass writer. Fucking classist bitch. I hope one day she’s so poor she has to drink Bud Light herself.

It is most definitely a stupid and elitist article. The irony is that of the two big papers here, that seems to be the one that’s more read by “salt of the earth”-type people.


But you’ll need to travel a few more hours south on I-95. Acela may be faster.

I had to go to Boston for educatin’ :frowning:

As long as we’re being stupid and elitist, this is a demographic profile of Boston visitors to

Items 1 to 12	Total Unique Visitors (000)	% Composition Unique Visitors	Composition Index PV
HH Income (US)	 	 	 
    HHI USD: Less than 15,000	13	4.4	...
    HHI US: Under $25K	15	5.0	...
    HHI US: Under $60K	90	29.8	73
    HHI US: $60K+	212	70.2	117
    HHI US: $75K+	173	57.2	129
    HHI USD: 15,000 - 24,999	2	0.6	...
    HHI USD: 25,000 - 39,999	20	6.8	...
    HHI USD: 40,000 - 59,999	54	18.0	...
    HHI USD: 60,000 - 74,999	40	13.1	74
    HHI USD: 75,000 - 99,999	82	27.2	172
    HHI USD: 100,000 or more	91	29.9	98

And here’s the same for the NY market:

Items 1 to 12	Total Unique Visitors (000)	% Composition Unique Visitors	Composition Index PV
HH Income (US)	 	 	 
    HHI USD: Less than 15,000	18	2.7	47
    HHI US: Under $25K	26	3.8	45
    HHI US: Under $60K	175	26.3	88
    HHI US: $60K+	491	73.7	107
    HHI US: $75K+	430	64.6	110
    HHI USD: 15,000 - 24,999	8	1.2	...
    HHI USD: 25,000 - 39,999	35	5.2	102
    HHI USD: 40,000 - 59,999	114	17.2	97
    HHI USD: 60,000 - 74,999	61	9.1	88
    HHI USD: 75,000 - 99,999	169	25.4	111
    HHI USD: 100,000 or more	261	39.2	109

All numbers are from comScore, December 2007 data and are projected to the Internet population in their respective markets. comScore is a competitor to Nielsen.

Notice the index for households with an income over $100K. It’s 109 for NY and 98 for Boston.

Also note that this proves nothing, but I had comScore access and 5 minutes to kill. :slight_smile:

Hell, I tried to go to Boston for educatin’, but I’m such a dumb whiskey-drinkin’ Giants fan that I missed and ended up in Vermont.


I’m SO glad you pointed this out; how else would I have found out that you’re soooo much better than me? :rolleyes:

Methinks you got whooshed.

(Not in reference to sports)

New York vs. New England is like two one-legged men in an ass-kicking contest.

Maybe the question that was actually asked was whether they owned homes worth at least $200,000. Given the high percentage of renters in the New York area and the tiny percentage of homes worth $200,000 or less, that’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Does anyone have a link to the actual Nielson report?