Not watching the Super Bowl...

The Super Bowl is very unlikely to get my eyes this year. If Baltimore or SF (or both) had won, yes, of course, I would have looked at it. But NE and NYG-- no, no, twenty times, no!!!

Are you going to record it so you can FF to the commercials?

I also have no real interest in other team. But I don’t see how anyone can skip the six hours of pre game broadcast. The player who overcame adversity, the one who gives to charity, the one who puts his left sock on first but ties his right shoe first, etc.

I’ll watch, but this is the least appealing matchup to me. Oh yeah, Boston vs New York. More East Coast hype.

Maybe. Hopefully, the ads won’t be stupid, and will be reasonably intelligent.

I haven’t watched the Superbowl in over 30 years.

Can’t remember a Super Bowl that I cared less about than this one.

So it’s not just me.

If any of y’all have any tickets you want to get rid of, you can give them to me…

Nope. I hate the Pats, but my opinion on the Giants is one of complete and utter indifference.

So the fact that Boston and New York beat out the 30 other teams to create the matchup seems to point that the hype is deserved.

It could be a team from Des Moines and one from Topeka and the East coast teams would still get more coverage leading up to the Super Bowl.

Interesting theory.

Yes. And they would find a way to work Tim Tebow into the conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a fan of either team, but will certainly watch.

Are those of you saying you won’t watch football fans? I can’t imagine blowing this game off just because of the hype. And, frankly, it may get more hype in things like US Weekly and People magazines, but ESPN/NBC are going to hype it incessantly regardless of the Northeast teams. It’s a good match-up, a rematch of one of the better Super Bowls, and the last football you get to see until August. I can’t imagine not watching. Go Patriots! And if the Giants win, that’s still ok with me because they knocked out the Packers!

I’m in Denver… you don’t wanna know from Teboner oversaturation. The lead story on the local news here is his suprise appearance at a Brad Paisley concert. No, I’m not joking.

As opposed to all those years when the Super Bowl is virtually ignored and doesn’t get hyped at all. :wink: I almost always root against the Pats and I don’t have strong feelings on the Giants one way or the other, but I’ll be watching.

Up front, I’m a Giants fan. So feel free to dismiss my opinion as biased.

I’m 50 years old and have watched every Super Bowl since #3, when the Jets upset the Colts. In that time, I have watched MANY SUper Bowls that featured two teams I cared nothing about. Heck, you think ANYONE outside Pittsburgh and Seattle wanted to see the Steelers against the Seahawks?

There have even been a FEW Super Bowls that featured two teams I strongly disliked. Trust me- it’s HARD to find a rooting interest when the Eagles play the Patriots!

But I’ve always watched. because I’m a football fan. By contrast, I ONLY watch the World Series when my favorite team (the Yankees) is in it.

Now, for all you gripers here… hey, if you don’t want to watch the Super Bowl this year, it’s no skin off my nose. By all means, go to the gym, go to a movie, or read a book or something until it’s over. There’s no law that says you have to watch ANY game, if you don’t feel like it.

But where’s this “East Coast media” crud coming from? Does ANYBODY really want to argue that the New York Giants have been overexposed in the media this year? The New York JETS, yes! But the Giants have flown under the radar all year. They almost always do.

Moreover, this year’s overexposed teams were NOT confined to big cities OR to the East Coast. Tim Tebow got WAAAAY more media exposure than the Giants did. I swear, two weeks ago, I couldn’t find ANY TV station showing highlights of the Giants’ win over the Falcons, because all ANYBODY was showing was TIm Tebo against the Steelers!

(Where’s this “New York Media Bias” when I NEED it???)

Yes. Giants, Jets and Eagles all received more media attention than their records warranted.

RIIIIGHT. All year long, the media were telling us that Eli Manning was having THE greatest season that any quarterback in history has ever had.

No wait… that was Aaron Rodgers.

Look, there is exactly ONE sport in which a particular New York team ALWAYS gets more media attention than it warrants, whether it’s good or not, and that’s baseball. When the Yankees are great (as they often are), they get too much press. And when they’re bad, all the press can talk about is “What’s wrong with the Yankees?”

But in the NFL, LOTS of teams get more ink year in and year out than the Giants. In particuluar, the Dallas Cowboys ALWAYS get the most media attention, whether they’re good or bad.

In other sports, does ANYONE want to claim the Knicks and Rangers are overexposed? Nope. They’re not.

Not always. Sometimes it was Drew Brees.

But I agree that the Patriots and the Giants have actually been relatively under-reported this season. I don’t think the media was predicting this match-up.