The Boys S1

I didnt see him catch a bullet in the first two, but yeah, he is verging on the super.

Spoiler for the end of John Wick 3

Especially at the end of the third movie. You would need a wheelbarrow and shovel to move what remained after that fall

In wuxia fiction one can do that kind of stuff by cultivating one’s neigong, qinggong and similar gongfu.

No, it’s really not possible for someone to be tossed around like a ragdoll and survive. Or to be knocked out with a blow to the head (repeatedly, in many cases) and not suffer from it. Or to be within slow-motion walking range of a blast and not suffer any damage.

I just binged the series (slow binge, took me a week) and loved it. But it’s uncomfortable to watch and there’s really no desire to ever go back and rewatch it. Good plot development, fair character development (too many characters to get too deep), and I actually find myself rooting for Hughie and Annie even though both characters have flaws.

Butcher and Homelander are two sides of the same coin, which is great for the overall message of the series. Not sure if Voight will continue to be the Big Bad or if they’ve been completely displaced by Homelander at this point. I know some of the comix so I have an idea of what could come next but the showrunners seem willing to go where ever they want to go.

Looking forward to S2.

I know I’m coming to this way late. But I just binged it and saw some points that weren’t covered in the thread, and since I’m thinking of them…

The way Starlight was introduced was weird. Imagine if, say, CBS needed a new anchor for the Evening News. Would they go out to their Des Moines affiliate and after one interview bring its weekend anchor to New York and then directly put her on the news that evening without bothering to introduce her to the staff? No corporation, especially one totally devoted to its image, would do that. You know what profession would and does? Show business. Inexperienced, not-famous actresses have been brought in to fill a slot in major network shows based on a good audition. I’ll bet that the comic books didn’t introduce her that way; this is Hollywood types writing what they know.

And the Seven is down to Five, with one of them on crutches. How is the corporation not in hysterics; doubly so when they need full strength now to go after super villains. That better be one of the main plotlines for season two.

How does Butcher know that Homelander raped Becca if she disappeared directly after? Or did she? Did she have time to tell him before they removed her? Another secret.

I agree with Half_Man_Half_Wit: the reveal that the parents know about their kids is nearly fatal. A secret that size being kept by hundreds of families for decades? If that can be kept a secret, what can’t? Is the rest of the series more ridiculous secrets dredged up every time they need a shock? That was the low point of the Watchman tv show, too, a series way above this level.

Overall, though, I was riveted by The Boys, even when it went dark for the sake of dark. I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard about it until it was mentioned in a thread here. Plot holes go with the territory in comic books; there’s enough good stuff here to make me eager to see season two.

I definitely do not want to stifle any discussion of the points in your post, Exapno, but there’s a S2 thread already going in anticipation of the 4 September start date. I’ve requested no spoilers, tho, so you won’t get answers to all your queries yet.

That’s pretty much exactly how it happened in the comics as well. That’s the entire point. The Seven are marketed as heroes but they aren’t actually heroes. They are show biz performers.

And the problem is that they really do have superpowers.

Actually, the reason Starlight was recruited was even baser than that.

Yeah, but. Vought is essentially evil Disney in the real world. Disney is famous for its endless advance planning. If you’re going to deconstruct superheroes why do so via a comic book corporation? Why not spend five minutes thought on it? It would actually make them eviler to know that every move is thought out ahead of time with nothing left to chance.

It’s been a while since I read the comics, and I didn’t get very far in the series, but if I recall correctly, the original comics had a more sharply focused satire/critique of the military-industrial complex, private military contractors, and the Bush administration’s response to 9/11 and the War on Terror. There were some indications that there might be a deeper, more competent conspiracy at work within Vought, but the fact that the Seven were in fact incompetent amateurs was central to the plot.

The series has more sharply focused on a satire/critique of corporate culture through the lens of an entertainment conglomerate.

In either case, deconstructing superheroes is almost incidental to the stories they’re telling.

And in both, while there may be some deeper conspiracies and more competent masterminds at work, I think it’s exactly the point that most of the executives at Vought are corporate hacks. They aren’t evil masterminds plotting to take over the world. They’re just focused on next quarter’s earnings reports and their annual bonuses. It’s the very banality of their evil that’s supposed to be so chilling. They’re ruining lives and outright killing people, not because it’s part of some grand plan, but because they just don’t care.

IIRC, Grace Mallory told him, and showed him surveillance footage of Becca leaving Homelander’s office post-encounter. Also, I got the idea that she disappeared after discovering that she had been impregnated by Homelander, so maybe a matter of weeks.

S2 may have a scene where she explains her actions and motivations to Billy.

When did Mallory do this? We’re shown explicitly that she and Butcher met outside her house and she did nothing except talk for a few minutes.

ISTR a flashback scene where Mallory first recruits Billy to spearhead her attempt to take down Vought. I’ll try to find it later tonight and queue it up.

Just finished rewatching season 1. It’s got a good comic book quality to it, the timing is right, it has a forced and contrived plot just like comic books do. Hope season 2 maintains.

Got it! Episode 7, time 32 minutes and change (right after Billy beats the kid from The Sixth Sense to death).

If you don’t feel like logging into Amazon TV, you can just watch it here. You’ll need the sound on, though, unless you can read Czech subtitles.

OK, got it. I obviously forgot who was involved in the viewing. Thanks for making that clear.

I actually do think that’s far better. There are too many stories of evil people or corporations who have planned everything out to the nth degree. I prefer where evil happens due to incompetence and prioritizing short term profits over thinking long term - which I think is more how evil manifests in the real world

I think we are considering “superpowers” to be things like flight, teleportation, multi-dimensional-trans-Manhattanism, shooting lasers, invincibility to gunfire or blast, hyper-speed, etc. There is just this conceit that excessive “toughness”, reflexes, strength and acrobatic ability is just “peak human”, even if that peak does dwell into absurdities like catching bullets, highly choreographed martial arts, and acrobatics that actually require a wire rig and a stunt team to pull off.

But from what I can tell, comic book “power” basically means a character is as tough as they need to be to further the plot.

Like the Marvel UNIVERSE. Why are Thor’s ax, Iron Man’s beam weapons, and Bucky Barne’s Search Results M249 SAW machine gun equally effective or ineffective against certain characters? Why can Captain Marvel punch through a space ship but not Thanos’ skull? How are Black Widow and Hawkeye not killed almost immediately wading into battle next to Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man?

Or Superman vs Team Zod. Is dropping a locomotive on Superman or throwing Faora-Ul through a warehouse any more effective than if they had been beating each other with Nerf toys?