The Boys S2 (Open Spoilers)

The Boys S1 thread here.

90 second trailer for S2 here. (Some blood & gore.)

Not much story reveal, which is great. The footage looks interesting; I can’t wait to see some real fighting going on.

I think I read somewhere recently that Erin Moriarity is the breakout star of 2019, btw.

As before, please don’t discuss the comics and/or provide spoilers, however inadvertently. Spoilers about the show after the episodes are available for viewing are fine. Unfortunately, it may not be until July 2020 that S2 airs.

The only thing I’ve heard about Season 2 is that the city councilor for my district forced the producers to film a scene somewhere else.

Trailer has been taken down because of copyright claims.

It’s been pulled everywhere. Accidentally posted?

It’s up on Dailymotion

That second video is creepy as hell.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay creepy. Way.

The 2nd video was taken entirely from a first season episode.

I won’t post anything from the comic books but it seems to me that the show and the books are so different that the concept of spoilers doesn’t really apply.

I don’t recall any of that from season 1

Thanks to Santos L Helper we know that S2 will start airing on 4 September 2020.

I found this new 2:30 clip as well; very intense. Homelander looks like he lost weight or something.

They just dropped a new 3:34 clip. Some gore there, eh. Not sure who this is but I can’t wait to see the Syrian Compound V storyline develop.

Another trailer here (NSFW); shows quite a bit more of what the story arc is. Looks great; can’t wait!

Both of those look great Snowboarder_Bo! Can’t wait!

Another trailer!

Is that the same actor for faux-Aquaman? He looks different to me.

Aye, same guy. Chace Crawford.

OK, that was funny as shit! Fauxquaman had his super hero pose going and everything!

Has anyone else noticed that Douglas Adams started a trend where whales are treated very, very badly in sci-fi and fantasy?

That link no longer works; here’s a new one:

New 2:30 trailer was just posted; this reveals quite a bit of the story for the 2nd season.