The "Brag On Your Kid" Thread

My daughter, Sakura, is a senior in high school. She’s qualified for the National Honor Society.

Woo! Go, Sakura.

What’s your kid done that is simply kick-ass?

My Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] just started tutoring math at the elementary school 2 days a week. She also volunteers at the county battered women’s shelter working with the kids 2 nights a week. She started this because she’ll need 75 hours of volunteer work to qualify for a Bright Futures Scholarship, but she plans to continue even after she gets all her hours, because she really likes helping people out. And she’s in the Honor Society too, and she’ll be singing at EPCOT with her school chorus on Dec 3.

So who says teenagers are self-serving, obnoxious beings? Mine never ceases to amaze me!

Way to go, Sakura! Huzzah and three cheers! Make if four, we’re pretty far away out here.

The Hawklette was chosen, along with 3 others (2 boys, 2 girls) from her high school of about 1400 (that’s students, not A.D.) to be a representative to a national student seminar on race relations next month. According to her teachers, she can think on her feet and has strong opinions which she can express articulately . My, my, I wonder where she gets that from…

She also got the Cadet of the Month plaque for her JROTC battalion last month, which she refers to as the “I Have No Life Award,” since it’s mostly for volunteer work around the school.

Why shouldn’t Doper’s teens be as great as their parents? :smiley: I’ll bet the pre-adolescents make a good showing here, too.

I can only hope Aaron accomplishes what your kids have.

Tonight, though, I offered him his rattle. He grasped it and raised it to his mouth, where he chewed it for a bit. He’s never done that before. (He does grab at my jewelry when it’s reachable, but that’s more opportunity than anything else.) He can also hold his bottle himself for a few seconds at a time.

I’m thinking we’re going to start him on cereal soon.


My wonder child has gained another 3 lbs. After a lengthy illness he was down to 59 and is now up at 66, with the goal being at least 75.

He wuvs his momma.

Can’t ask for better than that.

I have three daughters. They’re all pretty amazing.

However, my latest bragging point has been provided by the one in the middle. She’s in 2nd grade, going to school at the local Montessori multiage program. We just found out that she’s reading at a 5th grade level, and pretty much kicking ass at that. Of course, an early clue was the fact that she started read The Two Towers right after seeing Fellowship of the Ring… and she’s getting it!

I’m so proud of her…

FCM, I thought that Perfect Child[sup]tm[/sup] was just a nickname. I didn’t realize it was a literal description. Bless her.

SparrowHawk, yes, mom and dad told me about that. It’s in Chicago, no? She’s gonna freeze her tropical tuchus off. And you’re right, I have no idea where she gets her outspokenness. Probably from Auntie Rite’s side of the family… :wink:

Robin, you’ll find things to amaze you every day about the little Airman. And it won’t be long before you’re telling us all about the boy’s sports prowess, or his great grades, or just what a great kid he is. 'Cause he’s a great kid!!!

Sue, YAAAAAAAY! Go Superman! I didn’t realize he had gained that much weight. That’s so wonderful. Give him a hug from me, willya?

Avalonian, good grief! Quit feeding that girl Smart Flakes[sup]tm[/sup] for breakfast. I know what you mean. The aforementioned Sakura can and does converse with alarming intelligence all about the political, social and sexual implications of Othello and Hamlet and such. Makes her former drama major dad break out in a cold sweat, it does. Gotta brush up my Shakespeare, as Cole Porter would say…

China Bambina now speaks three languages at age 2 years 4 months. Well, okay, I’m exaggerating a little. She speaks Mandarin, decent amount of Shanghaiese and can say “beer me” in English.

Lil Miss Stofskette is 7, third grade, skipped kindergarten, makes straight As, and is in the gifted program. She’s read all the Harry Potter books at least twice, and understands them.

My 7th grade son got suspended for kicking the snot out of some jerk that was insulting my son’s mom! Way to go kiddo!

I had a parent-teacher conference for my 8th-grade daughter last night.She didn’t need to schedule a conference, but she wanted one just to know how she could improve her preformance.(She got all A’s and one B. I guess the B bothered her) Anyway,all these teachers kept coming into the room to tell me how great my daughter was, and that they wanted to meet us and tell us about her. I was told she is very mature compared to the other kids, that she is always taking charge of group projects and helping other kids out. The art teacher wants her to go for to art school. Her english teacher wants her to take journalism. Her math and science teachers think she’s brilliant.I was told she better go out again for the school play this year, because she was so great in it last year.On top of all that she is teaching herself Japanese. It was commented on how a lot of kids have talent in one or two area’s but She is talented in everythingThe only class she does not excell in is gym, but her teacher said she tries so hard, and has such a good attitude that she makes up for it. I am so proud of her.
Lest you think my perfect child has no faults I assure you she does. She’s had a terrible temper since she was a baby (She was the only infant I’d ever seen get truely mad) Of course she only shows her temper to her family.Sigh. She also dresses kinda goth. Considering that things could be worse, I let her dress the way she wants.I like to pick my battles, and that is not one worth worrying about.

My son will be singing in the Honors Choir tomorrow at his school for the Veterans Assembly.
He is a good singer, and a good writer!(Here we have a monthly letter put out by our transit company which fills us in on whats new. Well…he writes one for the Cattran-the public transit for cats(not real) and he writes better stuff than they!)
I see a future as an ad writer or something!

Ralf Jr got one A- on the last 7th grade report card. The rest were A’s. In one class he had 103%, due to some extra credit work. He also advanced from 3rd chair trombone to 1st chair, out of a group of 5 trombonists. Tromboners? Trombone players? Whatever.

He also joined Destination Imagination again this year, and he and the other team members are looking forward to going to the global finals for the 3rd year in a row. We gotta get them to think a little more realistically on that one.

And he earned his 1st Class rank in Scouting a month or so back, and more or less told an ex-friend (whom Missus Coder and I couldn’t stand) to get lost.

Well, my daughter got through her first meal ever of smushed carrots tonight without getting any in her hair, and only a bit in her eyebrows. Plus, the Daddy’s-Home-Poop™ actually stayed inside the rubber pants today. (You might think that she does not control this. You would be wrong.)

<Sandra Boynton> And she is already using the syllable “Ghee” to express 16 distinct concepts! </Sandra Boynton>


p.s. the rest of you guys give me hope for the future!

p.p.s. the Differential Calculus training is not going nearly as well, unfortunately. She keeps chewing on the chalk…

haardvark, sorry about the calculus thing. She must be stupid or something.

On the other hand, the carrot-free hair is awesome!


Oh yeah! My kids both went to bed without arguing with me about it! Woohoo!

My daughter got a A in algebra (something I could never do), and her teachers think she should go on to college! This is great news because she is autistic and I was worried she wouldn’t be able to continue her education past high school.

My Amazing Boy Wonder (a first grader) got one of the only “G” scores in reading in his class. (O = outstanding, G = good, S = satisfactory N = needs work… “S” is considered on-target)

He also got an “O” in verbal communication, and the teacher said she NEVER gives Os for anything.

Hey, maybe we ran across each other in Tennessee last year! My older daughter’s teams have gone to globals for the past four years. I suggest you start scheduling those fundraisers now, because it can happen!

We had our parent-teacher conference last night and the teacher said the boy was a wonderful, interesting person. Which is the way I see him, so I’m glad we see the same things.

He has a giant heart and you can see it when he visits with his two cousins, who have developmental disabilities. He’s not much of a people person, but he’ll hover over those kids.