The Brats and Cheese on Me! MMP

Yay Green Bay Packers, congratulations on winning Super Bowl LXV. :slight_smile: And that’s about all I got at 6:15 am, only half caffeinated! Mr. Lombardi must be smiling down on the return of the Lombardi Trophy to Lombardi Land. Although I sometimes wonder if he ever really smiled!

Hope everyone is recouperating from parties and the weekend, and Happy Monday all!



Mooooooooom, of course I didn’t call y’all for help. I’m saving that card for the day after the movers bring the rest of our [del]crap[/del]stuff. p:

I called the local Lutheran church, and asked for a teenager or two, at the price of a donation. I got 5, and the job of unloading was done in 20 minutes.

No phone or Intartoobz at home, despite Verizoff saying all is turned on. :grumble: : pout: Didn’t even know who wone the Super Bowl until this morning.

Carry on.

You must be quite messy right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sitting here waiting for my airport shuttle.

Sigh, didn’t sleep last night at all. Between the dog spazzing out and my husband’s snoring, I didn’t get a wink. I should sleep well tonight, I hope.

Anyway, unless I somehow get access to a computer, I won’t be around for a few days. Hugs, smooches and best wishes to all.

Good morning all! I have a bad case of the donwannas this morning. But I’m up and at 'em anyway…

Happy Monday all!


I lived in Pittsburgh for almost 6 years.

Sigh. Fun game anyway, even if the wrong team won. :smiley:

Ah well. What I didn’t pop in last week to tell you all is that our deck collapsed Saturday night during an ice storm. Big creaking sound and then a huge crash as it ripped away from the house. Sacred the shit outta me (and the dog! And my daughter!). Homeowners insurance dude should be coming this week to determine if they cover it (they better!!!) and all that. Big pain as we can’t let the dog out the back anymore to romp and play as the deck is 3 feet too low. However, we ordered a dog ramp (like for older dogs to help them get into trucks) and hopefully that will help. Crazy.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Good Morning Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. I’m not goin’ in to irk until nine this mornin’ and even then not to the main place. Ima go to Da Burg for a while and then over to large and in charge Dawson instead. This works out good cause the tax people are at the main place and I don’t wanna be anywhere near there until they leave at three this afternoon. After irk we’re meetin’ up with MOG, JDD and Partner at the good Eyetalian place for dindin. Works for me!

Safe travels Taters!

Here’s hopin’ for phone and intertoobz when you get back to the VunderLair Maryland Annex today BBBobbio.

Thanks for gettin’ things started Herbs.

Ok, off to feed rumbly tummy and seek more caffiene prior to irk purtification.

Happy Monday Y’all!

ETA: Yikes on the deck Soapy! :eek: Hope it all turns out well.

Up, caffeinated, and off to irk. I am one happy Cheesehead right now.
Soapy, :eek:

Um… I hope I got that Latin 45 right. I’m still not sure it is LXV. LOL Oh yes, I’m a happy cheesehead too, Doggio! I didn’t have any brats yesterday though.

Good morning all!

Y’all should see the moping going on around here. I think I ran into 19 Steelers fans for every 1 Packers in MD, and it was still lopsided for the Steelers in NC but not as bad.

I’m still POed the Colts lost the wild card game, so I didn’t have a dog in the fight, plus I didn’t see the game for reasons already explained. Tee hee…

I don’t understand the OP. That’s ok, I’m a furriner!

Happy Monday, everyone. I’m not having a good start to the day but I went over to my old office just in time for morning tea break and had the bonus of a home-made chocolate brownie. It does mean I’ve got no spare syns for anything else today but I am happy now.

Have a good beginning of the week, folks!

Me, neither.


Taters, I didn’t sleep well either. I hate the combination of exhaustion and insomnia. Bleh.

We’re off to a friend’s for lunch, and I should feed the kiddos and do some chores.
We saw The King’s Speech yesterday! In a theatre! Without kids! It was wonderful.

It’s not a good day here as both of my grandparents are now sick with a cold or something like that. I took my grandma to the doctor on Thursday and now I’ve got an appointment for my grandpa this afternoon. :frowning:

Please send good thoughts their way.

For you furriners:

Super Bowl == World Cup for Amurrkin rules football
Brats – Bratwurst, traditional pre-football fare, grilled in the parking lot of the stadium before The Game[sup]tm[/sup]
Cheesehead – Green Bay Packers fan. Green Bay is in Wisconsin, which is the biggest dairy producing state in the US. Packers fans can be spotted sometimes with a hat that looks like a block of cheese.

Wisconsin state motto: “Smell our dairy air…”

Stupid Packers.

At least my coffee is hot.

I think that adding cheese to the other kind of brat would be a lot more fun, specially if it’s that not-quite-cheese that comes in strings.

D’oh - it should have been Super Bowl XLV! LOL I knew that wasn’t right!! Oh well!

Brats are a Wisconsin product as well. Did I hear them say right on the news? The people of Green Bay are the owners of the Packers? Or at least part-owners? I didn’t know that. Packers came from Meat Packers, btw. As a child in Michigan, I think I cheered for the Packers, after the Univ. of Michigan team, of course. :smiley:

I give string cheese to my brats all the time. Only one will eat it, though. :smiley:

That’s right, tarragon. In fact, our own QtM is one of the ‘owners’. That was an exciting SB. You knew with Pittsburgh that it would come down to the last drive. Never count them out early.

Lewis Black was quite a treat. We were 5th row in the middle which, at first, I kidded my wife for getting, saying that was good for a concert but unnecessary for a comic. However, I was wrong. You see so much more of their facial expressions, angst, frustration, etc and everytime he starts fumbling with his glasses and screaming… heh… it was hilarious.

What gets me about these comics, it’s happened with Black, Richard Lewis, Rodney Carrington, etc, how in the heck do they remember all that material, keep everything flowing for an entire hour and a half? That’s amazing! Hes’ wired differently, that’s for sure.

I’ve lived here like 40 years now and I just can’t find it in me to pull for the Stillers. Even against those hated Packers. Especially with Pgh having Gropey the Idiot as quarterback. So I’m happy. Not overjoyed – but happy.

Or spoiled children being drenched in a molten cheese-like product?

Which brings to mind an interesting question. Having seen Art Sr with his ring now and then in the age-old years ------- can all 120,000 of the Packers owners order Super Bowl rings at their own expense?

And we usually don’t do this here but I want to give a shout out to Bearflags Radio Contest thread

Just in case any mumpers missed it