The [Breif] guide to Delegating.

Delegate everything possible.

A slightly less breif guide…

Delegate everything to person or persons who fit the following criteria.

[li]They’re in your department or an adjacent/connected department.[/li][li]You trust them to be able to do it.[/li][li]They have less other work to do than you.[/li][li]They are your subordinate (This would usually be redundant based on the above item)[/li][/ul]

Do the work you can’t delegate by yourself. (At the same time figuring out a way to make it delegatable in the future)

Couldn’t find someone to delegate checking the thread title, eh?

What if you’re the only one in the whole company?

Can I delegate some of this stuff to you Lobsang? Heh.

Don’t worry, one of my SDMB Delegates will get around to it eventually :smiley:

(Mod, please fix title??)