The Calico Horror, Part III [new kitten!]

Also known as Annie. She is 6 months old and I adopted her about a week ago.

I’ve been thinking about getting a third cat for some time, after the death of Lucia last fall. I finally decided that if I were going to do it, I’d better get it done while the other cats were still young and able to adjust more easily. I know that the elderly Lucia was never happy after the Invasion of the Calico Monsters.

The Calico Horrors Part I (Charlotte, now 2 years old) and Part II (Emily, nearly 17 months) are still a bit suspicious and follow the new little kitty around the house as if they think she’s going to steal something. Some hissing and puffed tails, but I think they’ll settle down soon.

She’s a cutie! Congratulations!

I have always felt that a third cat would send me down the slippery slope to cat hoarderdom. Hope you are strong enough to resist this. However, this one little, adorable calico miss will surely do no harm. Right?

Oh sure. Calicos are the gateway feline. Next, it will be tabbies, then tortiseshells. Next thing you know, you’re snuggling a Maine Coon.

Then it’s the hard stuff. Longhairs. Brushing and combing every day. :eek:


I’m saving Crazy Cat Lady for my retirement, when hoarding cats and old magazines and shouting at the neighbors will keep me busy during the days.

They are all beautiful!!!

Thank you. I tell them so, all the time, and of course they agree with me.

What a bunch of lovelies, except that Charlotte’s picture is asking me to sign in. ?? Anyway, at my house, we’re into collecting abby tabbies with an occasional “other” thrown in.

I hope they settle down soon and start having the fun they no doubt will. :slight_smile:

Sorry. Try this link for the latest photo of the beautiful Charley.

Emily and Annie seem to be getting on better now, chasing each other around the living room. They still growl sometimes, but I’m sure they’re playing since they keep coming back at each other for more.

I don’t think growling usually means anything very bad is going on. My two are brother/sister and were abandoned at a very young age, so he thinks he’s supposed to take care of her. Sometimes she’s happy to have him wash her face and sometimes growling occurs.

Your cats are beautiful, but, as running coach and I have pointed out, dangerous.:slight_smile: