The Call (open spoilers)

I saw The Call tonight.

I liked it, but WTF was up with that ending? :eek: They just leave him alone, chained up in his lair? It was unexpected, but not in a good way. Not really in a bad way either, it was just strange.

We saw it yesterday. Ending was terrible, and impossible - if they can find him fast enough (with his wife’s help?), he’ll tell the cops who left him there, and even if not, they’ll find him eventually, and there must be evidence that Jordan was there. Even when somebody’s a really bad guy, you can’t legally leave him chained up to die and claim self-defense.

Also, why did the TracFone work at the lair but Jordan’s phone couldn’t get a signal?

I saw it Saturday night, and agree that the ending was, erm, “odd.” Instead of turning him over to the police, they just decide to seal him up in his underground workshop & claim they never found him. I guess we’re supposed to gather that that is a fate worse than legal prosecution. And I suppose it could be, considering that now he’ll have a slow death from dehydration & starvation vs. the possibility of a short jail term or being found not guilty.

And the they also denied closure to the families of all the other girls he killed (there were alot of scalps in that fridge). I guess one could just imagine they lied to scare him, and called the police after they left. Him being changed to a chair is easy to explain. But that’s really stretching it. Leaving him to die probally is the only way Halle Berry’s character can keep her job though. :stuck_out_tongue: