The Cars - new track and video - "Sad Song"

Here. Excellent! Sounds like they haven’t missed in beat in 24 years,

Yep - I came into the middle of it in my car and immediately thought “wow - must be new Cars - cool”

It does sound good. I always loved the Cars. If you told me this was made in the 80s I would believe you. Any plans for them to tour? I had tickets to see “New Cars” about 5 years ago, but the concert didn’t happen.

Cool! I was a huge Cars fan until “Door to Door” came out. Ugh, what a horrible letdown that was. The article describes Ben Orr as an “occasional vocalist”. I thought he sang on a fair number of their songs. I know he was the lead on “Moving in Stereo”, <implicit-challenge>which was their best song</implicit-challenge>.

Yeah, Elliot Easton’s broken collarbone threw a monkey wrench in the works. The canceled tour reportedly cost Todd and the band a lot of money.

I know a lot of Cars fans hated the idea of The Cars with anyone other than Rick, but he just did not want to tour. The harsh truth is that the songwriter is the one person who actually makes any money in music. If you didn’t write the song, or produce the album, you’re an employee. So while Ric Ocasek was set for life, Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes needed to work.

A good challenge is Just What I Needed!

Just what you needed, huh? Well, you can take it on the run, because the good life is just A Dream Away.

The Cars were probably my favorite band in college. I never bothered to get their Greatest Hits album, because I had every one of their other albums, and liked just about every song on all of them (though I confess that I didn’t like Door to Door as much as the earlier albums).

I’ve also always thought that all of their songs sound very similar. Fortunately, I like that song.

I can’t watch that at work, but I’m replying to remind myself to watch it tonight.

I wore out my 8 track copy of their first album in high school! That album is the soundtrack of grade 11 and 12 for me.

Very cool.
I once read that a big part of the new-wave sound was the widespread use of tubeless solid-state equipment. Is that what makes that guitar sound so distinctive?

Boy. They haven’t missed a beat. I love it!