The case of the disappearing OPs.

A couple of times when I have tried to start a new thread, I eventually get a message that says “server not found” or something similar. Not knowing if my thread has posted or not, I check the forum. Not seeing my thread, I try it again. I end up with a thread with an OP, and one with only a title, missing the OP. Why is this happening to me? Does this happen to anyone else? Help!

It is entirely your imagination. Not only do these threads not exist, but this message board doesn’t exist either. You are having a bad dream. Slap yourself awake.

Hmmm . . . here’s another one of those threads with a missing OP.

[related hijack] Another question in regard to disappearing OPs. In this thread in CS, I’m listed as the OP. However, the thread was started by rolandgunslinger, I’m just the one who made the first post. Does the board automatically readjust the name of the initial poster, according to whoever makes the first post ? [/related hijack]