The cat has a new view and sniffing place, and we're cooler

We had lunch with Scotticher yesterday, and she ended up giving us a baby gate.

There’s no screen on the front door, so we haven’t been able to take advantage of the prevailing breeze to bring cool air into the house because Indoor Cat needs to stay indoors. He’s a well behaved cat. He wants to go outside, but in reality it freaks him out. Last week he jumped out of an open bedroom window, realised he’d been swallowed by the Kitty TV, and ran to the front door and cried to be let back in. He’s not a jumper, so we reckoned a baby gate would be just the ticket to let him know not to go out, and to give us the cooling sea breeze.

Thanks to Scotticher we get a cool house, and the cat gets to see Front Yard World without a pane of glass to keep out the smells. He can also see out from his perch on the back of the love seat.


Very cool.

and breezy :slight_smile:

Very nice! That wouldn’t work with our cats, but I lol’d at the idea of them being swallowed up by the Cat TV :slight_smile: Since we just moved, the kitties have The Auto Show out front, The Animal Channel on the side, with the neighbor dogs, and the Dirt Channel out back. They seem ok with this, but at some point we will let them explore the Dirt Channel face to face.

Swallowed by the Cat TV!
Now that is an image I will share at dinner tonight.

At the moment, Harvey is sleeping in the sun by the French doors (which are screened), with a fan blowing on him.

Taomist: The SO is the one who started calling the doors ‘Kitty TV’. I like it too. And she’s the one who said he’d ‘been swallowed by the Kitty TV’ when he went out the window last week. She says we must have a ‘Kitty Clubhouse’ under the deck, since we get a lot of neighbourhood cats passing through the back yard. There’s Creamsicle Kitty, a long-haired orange-and-white cat; Tom Kitty, an orange-and-white shorthair; Scruffy, a scruffy longhair black cat; Tuxedo Kitty, who looks a lot like Harvey; and a black shorthair with the tiniest bit of white on his tail that we don’t have a name for yet. The other day, before Scotticher gave us the baby gate, there was a new cat in the front yard. It was huge! Must’ve been a 20-pounder, at least. Fluffy and white with large black spots. I think I’ll call him ‘Holstein’.

Yeah, MrTao called it Kitty TV for the first time last week, right after we moved. I laughed out loud. :stuck_out_tongue: And at our old place, one of the wandering regulars was a large black and white cat that I just called the Cow Cat. We have two, siblings; the bigger one is a creamsicle, and yep that’s how I describe him, lol. The smaller is just Little Orange Cat. They have names, of course, but the descriptors are more fitting than Dresden and Murphy, though Murphy definitely lives up to the ‘small and feisty’ part, and Dresden is definitely the long, sleek, powerful, elegant kitty…right up until he slams into the wall or spends ten minutes chasing his own tail.

Whoops…we’ve TOTALLY broken the rule about kitty threads! I will see what I can find to fix that.

Sounds like the plot to Poultrygeist.

“Mom, get him off me! I was TOTALLY here first!!”

LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

There were two big orange tabbies that ran in our neighborhood when we first moved here five years ago. They were promptly christened Fred and George.