The Caucasian chalk circle - Non- Western perspective on the recent Caucasian War

Not a debate as such but more suited for here than elsewhere- It’s a well informed non-western take on the recent troubles in that area of the world.

The Caucasian chalk circle

Interesting and pretty much as I saw it. I’m willing to bet, once the dust has settled, we’ll find that Georgia misread signals coming from the White House and McCain’s team (which had former Georgian lobbyists in key positions) as a green light.

Either that or they were so incredibly stupid as to think Russia would not react forcefully. Nobody who knows any history can mistake Russia for a ‘turn-the-other-cheek’ sort of place.

The link seems to be invalid, but the Georgian side was much less respected around here than what appeared to be the case in the USA by reading the US media – which appeared to near propaganda levels. McCain’s stupidities in regard to the war, was the think that made me cheer his defeat in the presidential election. Fortunately more reasonable unbiased accounts are slowly beginning to emerge, also in English language media.

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Although, probably the anti-Russian smear job will not come off so easy and a lot of the damage has been done.