The Celebrity Death Pool 2007

Here’s my list (wow, I had to make changes!!):

  1. Bill Cosby
  2. Farrah Fawcett
  3. Joe Piscopo
  4. Kirstie Alley
  5. John Larroquette
  6. Loretta Swit
  7. John Forsythe
  8. James Garner
  9. Al Pacino
  10. Mary Kate Olsen
  11. Charlie Daniels
  12. Merle Haggard
  13. George Jones

Gerald Ford - clumsy ex-President
Bruno Sammartino - first WWF champion
George Steinbrenner - destroyer of baseball economics
Alan Alda - think he was a doctor or something
Bobby Allison - NASCAR legend
Chester Bennington - Linkin Park vocalist and frequent hospital patient
Todd “Fez Marie Whatley” Hillier - had a heart attack and didn’t even know it
Tommy Chong - looks very rough
Andy Griffith - Matlock
Nigel Mansell - “husky” former F1 champion and current GP Masters competitor
Gary Burghoff - Radar
Eddie Sutton - disgraced former UK basketball coach & alcoholic
Patty Hearst - kidnapping victim and bank robber

Peter Graves - the Biography guy
Frank Caliendo - fat John Madden impersonator
Barbara Walters - Baba Wawa

  1. John Goodman
  2. Shane McGowan
  3. Queen Elizabeth
  4. Terry Gilliam
  5. Gerald Ford
  6. Ben Roethlisberger
  7. Lindsay Lohan
  8. John Travolta
  9. Michael Jackson
  10. Ruben Studdard
  11. Clay Aiken
  12. J.K. Rowling
  13. Danny Bonaduce


Anna Nicole Smith
J.D. Salinger
Keith Richards

Great Deathpool slogan: Get in the pool and feel dirty.

I love the idea of the “robbing the cradle” award.

And I’m still dreaming of a Bush Deathpool:

  1. BUSH, George W.
  2. BUSH, Barbara (the mother)
  3. BUSH, George H. W.
  4. BUSH, Laura
  5. BUSH, Barbara (the daugher)
  6. BUSH, Jenna
  7. BUSH, Jeb
  8. BUSH, Lauren
  9. BUSH, Jebby
  10. BUSH, Noella
  11. BUSH, George P.
  12. BUSH, Neil
  13. BUSH, Marvin

OK Here we go again…

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Ariel Sharon
  3. Esther Williams
  4. Larry Hagman
  5. Annette Funicello
  6. Olivia Newton-John
  7. Estelle Getty
  8. Billy Graham
  9. Muhammad Ali
  10. Joe Paterno
  11. Gerald Ford
  12. Tammy Faye Bakker Resner
  13. Lindsay Lohan

Michael Flatley
Kevin Federline
Courtney Cox


My Favorite Time of Year!

Not before #7 is released, that is all I ask.

I also would like to state that if any Bush Family member bites the big one, Annie Xmas I am going to be the only person on the planet that has a secret grin as I think Wooo Hoooo, Annie Finally loses her DP cherry!

Numbers Lady-Grim Reaper- Mistress of Dead People, another year passes and another year we, the morbidly Twisted Sick Thinking Dopers, are indebted to you and your amazing powers of keeping track of such a clusterfark.

I have been working on 2007 since January 2 of 2006. I shall spend the waning days of this year weeding down my list and either give the Gift of Life or Gain Immortality with the best DP picks EVAR!!111!!one!!!
The highlight, if you can call it that, is that everyone in my inner circle ( it is pathetically small to begin with) lives for Dead Pool updates. So, I got that going for me.

Actually, I had Peter Jennings in last year’s Pool, so I finally lost it!

But I’m hoping to win next year.

Despite my horribly misguided picks for 2006 I’ve decided to try again.

My list of 13:

Fidel Castro
Nuri Kamal al-Maliki
Barbara Bush (grandmother of the twin)
Abe Vigoda
Fiddy (50 cent)
Rupert Murdoch
Donald Rumsfeld
Larry King
Montel Williams
Tom Snyder
Joe Paterno
Muhammed Ali
Farrah Fawcett

Jack Vance - my favorite sci-fi author.

My list is a mix of random picks and likely Quantity over Quality picks:

Betty Ford – Former First Lady (b: 1918)
Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson – former First Lady (b: 1912)
Jane Wyman – actress; ex-wife of Ronald Reagan (b: 1914)
Billy Graham – Evangelist (b: 1918)
Charleton Heston – Actor; gun enthusiast (b: 1924)
Jane Withers – former child actress; Josephine the Plumber (b: 1926)
George Ryan – former Illinois Governor; Convicted Racketeer (b: 1934)
Edward Furlong – Actor (b: 1977)
Lindsey Lohan – Actress; Party Girl (b: 1986)
James Blunt – “Singer” (b: 1974)
Jerry Bruckheimer – Movie/TV Producer (b: 1945)
Roger Daltrey – Singer; The Who (b: 1944)
Augusto Pinochet Ugarte – President of Chile (b: 1915)

James Brown – The Hardest Working Man in Show Business (b: 1933)
Nichelle Nichols – “Lt. Uhura”; Singer (b: 1933)
Mike Ditka – “Da Coach”; Football commentator (b: 1939)

I like the idea of a Robbing the Cradle award! :cool:

I’d like to ask for clarification of the “Under Sentence of Death” rule:

Say someone is not “under sentence of death” as of midnight Chicago time on 12/31/2006, but then before the end of 2007 IS sentenced to death AND said sentence is carried out. Is that pick still valid?

  1. Joan Rivers
  2. Roger Ebert
  3. Kirk Douglas
  4. Dick Cheney
  5. Cher
  6. Chuck Noll
  7. Stephen Hawking
  8. Paul McCartney
  9. Horatio Sanz
  10. Jesse Jackson
  11. Don Pardo
  12. Pope Benedict XVI
  13. Farrah Fawcett

Kevin Smith
Lily Tomlin

Okay, this is my first ever swim in the pool. I don’t particularly feel like doing research right now, but for the moment I have assured a long and healthy life for the following people:

  1. Gerald Ford
  2. Lindsay Lohan
  3. Elizabeth Taylor
  4. Nancy Reagan
  5. Betty White
  6. Hugh Hefner
  7. Andy Griffith
  8. Michael J. Fox
  9. Robert Jordan
  10. John Cleese
  11. Sylvester Stallone
  12. Dolly Parton
  13. Ringo Starr

Under a sentence is kind of moot. If the person dies via a legally sanctioned execution, the pick is invalid.

Had someone picked Nicolae Ceaucescu when he bought it, that would have been invalid, because he was convicted by a military tribunal and executed within the hour. Since the tribunal was on the winning side of the coup, it was arguably legal.

The only way anyone can score on Saddam now is to hope he gets whacked on the way to the gallows.

Hmm…I’m going to stick with most of last year’s crop:

1. Fidel Castro
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. John Forsythe (“Charlie’s Angels”)
4. Al Molinaro (“Odd Couple,” “Happy Days”)
5. Jackie Cooper (child actor & “Little Rascal”)
6. Harry Morgan (“MASH”)
7. Gerald R. Ford
8. Courtney Love
9. E. Howard Hunt (Watergate co-conspirator)
10. Walter Cronkite
11. June Foray (voice of “Rocky the Squirrel,” amongst others)
12. Gordon Lightfoot
13. Ernest Borgnine

Alternates: Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Paris Hilton

And once again, props to a35362 for undertaking this grave task.

I like this as well. Might provide for some interesting choices.

Also, as a suggestion, I might post a partial (say top 10) score list for the current year so newbies will know what they are up against in Rachm Qoch. It would also give people an idea of what is needed to win.

Og, for many years I wouldn’t even read these things because they’ve creeped me out so. But since I no longer am under the delusion of going anywhere else but hell, I figured I’d go ahead and jump in to see exactly how boiling the water is.

In no order, but meeting the only criteria I used so I won’t feel completely evil… I can’t stand any of these assholes. Some more than others, which means for those, I may very well be bringing out Snoopy for a spin.

[li]Rush Limbaugh[/li][li]Jack Chick[/li][li]Fred Phelps[/li][li]Toby Keith – I don’t want him to die per se, but I’d be thrilled if he’d shut up and go away.[/li][li]Bud Selig [/li][li]Ann Colter[/li][li]Kirk Cameron – Jesus horses anyone?[/li][li]George Bush, Jr.[/li][li]Pat Robertson[/li][li]O.J. Simpson[/li][li]Charlton Heston[/li][li]John Rocker – Racist dick.[/li][li]Ted Nugent – Now with more beef jerky, undoubtedly courtesy of Motel Hell. Although the Cat Scratch is fine.[/li][/ol]

Alternates: Anita Bryant and Scarlett Johannson.

Looking over my list, I think it would a fair assumption to make that I have issues with religious right-wing dipshits. Do ya think there might be something to that? :stuck_out_tongue: Most I hope are self-explanatory, but my alternates need a bit of definition and shape: Anita Bryant for being the first I remember for truly dogging gay rights and Scarlett for being such a stuck-up, snotty bitch. I think she’s very pretty, but Josh Hartnet could do much better. Here’s to hoping I pop my cherry with a Phelps or at least any of those in the unholy trinity!

I’m going to go repent now with some macadamia brittle Haagen Dazs. Keep my floaties ready and I’ll bring the beach ball.

My friend just emailed me this website:

No predictive value, but nice to keep us updated!

Woohoo! I finally have a list before the deadline, I hope I did it correctly.
My List:
01 Gerald Ford
02 Fidel Castro
03 Billy Graham
04 Elizabeth Taylor
05 Bob Barker
06 Keith Richards
07 Kirk Douglas
08 Tom Arnold
09 Muhammad Ali
10 Tammy Faye Bakker Messner
11 Hugh Heffner
12 Pope Benedict XVI
13 Charlton Heston

a) Jack Klugman
b) Annette Funicello
c) Karl Malden

I like the Robbing The Cradle Award too.

And I’m not releasing my list until I can figure out next year’s Chris Penn. Or at least come up with some names that will drop throughout the year, and not just in the first two months.

OK, I was a paltry 1-for-13 (R.I.P. Darren McGavin) in the 2006 pool (barring any late exits, as it were). My 2007 list has a few repeats from last year, and a few newcomers.

Because They’re So Damned Old:

  1. Billy Graham, television evangelist (Born 1918)
  2. Bob Barker, game show host (Born 1923)

Because They’re Sick

  1. Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator (Born 1926)
  2. Roger Ebert, Film Critic (Born 1942)
  3. Michael J. Fox, actor (Born 1961)
  4. Muhammad Ali, boxer (Born 1942)

Because Their Risky Behavior Is Bound to Catch Up With Them

  1. Lindsay Lohan, actress and party girl (Born 1986)
  2. Robert Downey, Jr., actor who is known to enjoy the Booger Sugar (Born 1965)
  3. David Blaine, magician who is undoubtedly going to kill himself spectacularly in front of millions of people (Born 1973)

Because There’s a Bullet (or Shank) With Their Name on It

  1. Osama Bin Laden, bad person (Born 1957)
  2. Scott Peterson, convicted murderer (Born 1972)

Because They’re Bound to Put a Bullet to Their Own Head

  1. Kevin Federline, talentless rapper known mostly for being Britney Spears’ ex (Born 1978)
  2. Dustin Diamond, perenially broke ex-child actor (Born 1977)


a) Tamás Erdélyi, aka Tommy Ramone, because The Ramones are dropping like flies (Born 1952)
b) Allan Stewart Konigsberg, aka Woody Allen, esoteric filmmaker, because… well, just because (Born 1935)
c) Andy Williams, crooner and Branson theater-owner, because someone from his generation of crooners has to go first (Born 1928)