The Celebrity Death Pool 2013

I will brush off last year’s list, substituting Lindsey Lohan for Robin Gibbs. Most of the people on my list came from discussions in Cafe Society, albeit about 3 or 4 years ago. They are (mostly) all going strong.
Keith Richards
Jerry Lewis
Hillary Clinton
MaryKate Olsen
Fidel Castro
Lance Armstrong
Vladimir Putin
Hamid Karsai
Dick Cheney
Nancy Reagan
Billy Graham
Bernie Madoff
Lindsey Lohan
Bernard Cardinal Law
Brittney Spears

Billy Graham is the evangelist

First time player here… really Peeved that Rick Majerus kicked the bucket. I have had him on my list since August in preparation of this very pool!

Alas… here is my list

Tommy Morrison - Former boxer who “doesn’t” have HIV
Mike Ditka - Da Bears TE
Tom Sizemore - Actor/Train wreck whose love of drugs nets me 48-49 points!
Artie Lang - Comedian whose combination of drugs, fatness and depression is unmatched!
Lenny Dykstra - Guy is seriously mental, anything could happen
Andy Dick - He is a yearly choice of many and for good reason
Dennis Franz - Playing a gut feeling, guy just looks ready to die
Lawrence Taylor - Long history of issues
Johnny Lam Jones - Cancer “survivor”
Suge Knight - Death Row seems appropriate
Ralphie May - Too fat to… wait that’s Artie’s book.
Michael J. Fox
Roger Ebert

Randy Travis
Jason Whitlock
Hugh Downs

Plain List:

Tommy Morrison
Mike Ditka
Tom Sizemore
Artie Lang
Lenny Dykstra
Andy Dick
Dennis Franz
Lawrence Taylor
Johnny Lam Jones
Suge Knight
Ralphie May
Michael J. Fox
Roger Ebert

My list is practically a guarantee of immortality. That’s why I went with the theme I did.

Note that the John McLaughlin on my list is the host of the McLaughlin Group and Brian Wilson is the Beach Boy.

Fidel Castro
Michael Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Annette Funicello
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Judith Krantz
Robert Loggia
Gina Lollobrigida
John McLaughlin
Gerald McRaney
Frankie Muniz
John Paul Stevens
Brian Wilson


Dana Carvey
Liza Minelli

Heh, I see you thought what I did. Stroke at 26 yesterday? He’s so going on my list.

ETA: And I’m so going to hell, most likely.

and now a list of TV stars I will miss.

Adam West
Burt Ward
Yvonne Craig
Julie Newmar
John Astin
Van Williams
Lyle Waggoneer
Lee Meriwether
Robert Clary
Dwayne Hickman
Ann B. Davis
June Lockhart
Marjorie Lord

Alternates are

Ken Berry
Larry Storch
Mike Conners

Margaret Thatcher
George H Bush
Barbra Streisand
Barbara Eden
Barbara Feldon
John Travolta
Paul Gascoigne
Richard Branson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Prince Phillip
Hugo Chavez
Michael Somare
Mahathir bin Mohamad


Fidel Castro
Mike Tyson
Rod Laver

Not to mention how many they get wrong.

As a supermarket cashier, I see the covers on a daily basis.

1.Notice how they are always “Tragic Sad Last days.” They must have the same skeleton, (heh) and plug in the celeb of the moment.

2.There was a huge article recently on who is gay. And I’m like, really? How does that affect your life, at all?

3.It was apparently newsworthy to mention that Demi Moore has to adopt.

Since when, is someone doing the right things, newsworthy? Given the age, what’s the scandal?

Frankie Muniz is a racecar driver these days? Man, if I hadn’t decided to go with the low-hanging fruit this year…

An interesting suggestion has been made to me by a player. I’ll reveal their username if they so wish.

That’s an additional award, “The Golden Casket Award” for any player whose choices ALL die. It’s never been done. It would be kind of like winning the Congressional Medal of Honor, you could always “wear” it, even in subsequent years. You know, brag.

What do you all think of this?

Heck yeah! Golden Casket!

Frankie is also a racecar driver and the drummer in a band. One of those things has got to catch up to him.

Spinal Tap usually has an opening…

Well my “go big or go home” gamble looks like it went bust in 2012.
I think this year, I’ll try for a list of people that doesn’t include all 18 year olds.

How ghoulish! I love it!:smiley:

Anybody pulls that trick off deserves something special. And maybe an investigation.

Sounds like a movie treatment to me! Gorgeous/handsome investigator races around the world to exotic locations, gathering clues to solve a mysterious series of deaths. As the clock ticks, and danger threatens…

George H.W. Bush
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Cheech Marin
Lindsay Lohan
Betty White
Clint Eastwood
Thomas Chong
Evel Knievel
Tammy Faye Bakker
Dick Cheney
O.J. Simpson
Jimmy Carter
Fidel Castro

That’s my list.

They died in 2007.

Jeez, I didn’t read their entries correctly.

Corrected Final List.

George H.W. Bush
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Cheech Marin
Lindsay Lohan
Betty White
Clint Eastwood
Thomas Chong
Nicholas Cage
Joe Arpaio
Dick Cheney
O.J. Simpson
Jimmy Carter
Fidel Castro