The charming combination of creationism and anti-semitism in the Georgia legislature

I spend a fair amount of time on these boards trying to fight the image of Southerners as fundamentalist, anti-intellectual, racist boobs. And then some idiot in the Georgia legislature goes and plays to the stereotype.

Republican state representative Ben Bridges is planning to introduce legislation to ban the teaching of evolution in Georgia classrooms. That’s bad enough by itself, particularly given the poor performance of Georgia students in the sciences, but then the bastard promotes the legislation with a bizarrely anti-Semitic memo blaming the theory of evolution on a secret Jewish conspiracy. From the memo:

Oh noes! Not the Joos!

And the madness grows! The memo directs readers to a website where the discerning anti-Semite can also learn that the earth is neither rotating nor orbiting the sun. (Don’t let the Jews fool you!)

Oh how wonderful to have a lawmaker so wise in the ways of science!

Next session, the house takes up Ben’s witch-burning bill.

The highly evolved Jew Zev has beaten you to it: Don’t you know? The Jews invented evolution…But yeah, this is brain-meltingly insane.

From the story, Bridges denies he had anything to do with the memo.

I think Tim Hardaway wrote the memo.

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