The Chicken Shirt from Rosanne

Ok, On Roseanne, what’s the story of the Chicken Shirt? Everyone has worn it on the show, and I think they even turned it into an apron later on. I hear there’s some story behind it, so does anyone know it?

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Ok ok, I got one too! On the SDMB, what’s the story about people at least hinting as to what the question might be in the subject?

Yes, I should have asked the question in the subject.

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Indeed, an oversight on my part that I shall avoid in the future.

Now what about this damned chicken shirt? I wanna know more. How can you have a thread seductively titled “The Chicken Shirt from Rosanne” but not give answers?


Poor old S’Man- I’ve been reading this thread for twenty minutes, fascinated, amused and better educated, but
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Now c’mon someone - what’s with this shirt shit?


This is probably stupidly obvious, but it couldn’t have really been the same shirt, right? Could the the younger girl (Darlene?) really wear John Goodman’s shirt without it looking like she wrapped herself in a parachute?

On one episode of Roseanne, she wore a shirt with a big egg cross-section next to a chicken, and a bunch of little eggs and chickens all over it. Apparently it caused a big flap with vegitarians, or animal rights people, or some sponsors thought it was gross or something. (I guess up until then it was a secret that chickens came from eggs?!?!) Well, you know Roseanne, if someone is pissed about something she’s elated, so she decided that shirt was going to be on screen as much as possible just to be obnoxious. (Which is pretty funny, if you ask me.) I don’t remember various people wearing it, but I do remember her wearing it several times. There are probably pictures of it online, but I’m on a timed free ISP and don’t have time to look for you, haha.

Oh finally. Thanks!

Well, of course it was tormenting me, so I HAD to waste all day finding a picture for you!


The chicken/egg shirt (apron in this pic) in all its glory!

Thanks for the pic and story, VV, but wow, what a letdown.


From what I recall of an interview with Roseanne after the Tom Arnold split, she asserted that when Tom became overly aggressive and obnoxious (if that’s really possible :rolleyes: ), he complained about that shirt. Apparently his beef stemmed from the fact that he hated and so therefore, she wore it more than ever. And, in typical Roseanne fashion, dragged other cast members into the fracas. It seemed to be her way of publicly stating that he could not control her. (At least that’s how I remember the events of years gone by.)

Ahem, that should read “he hated it.” Next time, preview, doofus.