The Christmas Warriors are mobilizing already.

“This person does not say Happy Holidays. They say Merry Christmas. So get over it.”

If Thanksgiving is too much to ask for, can’t they at least wait until after Hallowe’en?

I used to enjoy Christmas, now it’s just another excuse for belligerence and bigotry.

(… but the good news is now I don’t have to worry about driving for two hours to eat dry turkey and overcooked vegetables)

Well, a Merry Ramakwahannumas to you, too.

Like most Australian atheists, I’m very happy to celebrate Christmas. My belief is that the American practice of wishing “Happy holidays” is not to protect the sensitivities of atheists, but to give some consideration to Jews – who are relatively more numerous in the U.S., and who generally don’t celebrate Christmas.

And it is also to be inclusive of ALL the year-end holidays! Much quicker to say “Happy Holidays!” than to say “Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year too if I don’t see you before then!”

Yeah, I don’t know of anyone in a non-commercial setting who is already saying ‘Happy Holidays’. But commercially, crap has been ramping up since September. :expressionless: It’s already ‘Happy Holiday - Give Us Your Money!’ season in retail-land, so yeah.
Your best bet is just to do all your shopping online and go into hiding until Jan.3, lol.

Oh, oh, but I got an email from Ben Stein, spokesman for all American Jews, that said that he doesn’t take offense to being wished a “Merry Christmas” so that isn’t a valid reason. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if most Jews didn’t take offense, which would seem to make them less PC than those that get their panties in a wad over being wished a “happy holidays”.

I’ve actually seen Pagans and atheists get bent way more out of shape than jews about the use of “Christmas” in the workplace.

I thought it was for New Year’s and Christmas. Not to avoid offending Jewish folk by not saying Hannakuh.

It’s way too early for this topic.

Well, since the word “holiday” is a contraction of “holy day”, I would think non-religious people who were determined to be offended by Merry Christmas, would be just as offended by Happy Holidays.

I’ve never seen anyone but Christians get mad about a greeting. the whole “Happy Holidays” is an atheist plot to take Christ out of Christmas, is the theory.

I forget who started it but I think it was Bill O’Reilly…?

and if you shop at Walmart, you know the year has only 2 seasons: Christmas and Lawn Care.

There is a large Jewish community where I live. I have seen some people, justifiably, get pissed off over being snottily told Merry Christmas by a cashier that has just processed a cart full of Hannukah stuff. It’s one of the few times when I am in favor of bitching to management about a clerk’s attitude.

Someone I know posted that to their FB wall recently. So I copied it and used SnagIt to reverse the “Merry Christmas” and the “Happy Holidays”, because I’m kinda sick of it all.

I think I’ll take a page out of Hanne Blank’s book, and just wish everyone a “Merry Pigduff![sup]1[/sup]”

[sup]1[/sup]That’s how you pronounce PGDFF, which stands for “Pretty God Damned Fucking Festive”, a term that refers to the entire time period between Halloween and New Year’s Day.

Some people are determined to be martyrs whether anyone is oppressing them or not.

This issue was settled by MST3K.

Next Good Friday, I’m tempted to greet certain people with a hearty “Death to Jesus!”

Wasn’t the origin of “Happy Holidays” Christians who were complaining about their religious holiday becoming associated with non-Christian stuff like Santa Claus and decorating trees and handing out presents? They were complaining that Christmas is supposed to be a religious event - “Jesus is the reason for the season”. So to not give offense, people started avoiding saying Christmas when talking about secular holiday events and started saying “Happy Holidays” instead.

Is that really necessary?
When you could just say “Crucify Him!”?

Unfortunately, what happened a few years back, or at least seemed to happen, was some stores were actively forbidding employees to say “Merry Christmas”. Then someone called Customer Service at a BigBox HQ to complain & got a snotty “Pagan Origins of Christmas” lecture from someone who apparently didn’t care about having a job & it escalated as the pro-Christmas people got snotty in return & away it goes!

Comes earlier every year, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Festivus felicitations to all.